Shark Attack!! goes acoustic on SSOR with a cover of The Atlantics

Shark Attack!! on Storm Surge of Reverb

Shark Attack!! were on Storm Surge of Reverb to promote their show tonight at Saturn Bar (featuring me as the DJ!). They did a short in-studio performance but pared it down a bit with an acoustic cover of The Atlantics' song "Reef Break". They'd never done it acoustic before but I thought they sounded great.


Nice guy with a mean sound: Interview with Davie Allan

Nice guy with a mean sound: Interview with Davie Allan

On my radio show on Monday I got to spend a few minutes on the phone with Davie Allan of Davie Allan and the Arrows in advance of his this Sunday at Siberia.

We talked motorcycles or lack thereof, Mickey Mouse, and of course FUZZ GUITAR.

I've cut the interview out of the show so you can listen to it here


Surf Zombies release LIVE at the DMSC Rooftop

Surf Zombies - LIVE at the DMSC Rooftop

Iowa's biggest surf act (probably by default, but by merit too) just dropped a nice live record. The sound is clean, better than plenty of studio albums I've heard. The songs seem to be all over the back catalog, a great place to start if this is your first introduction to the Surf Zombies.

The digital download is nice and cheap, but they've also got a CD that you can buy.


Kingargoolas release Ao vivo na Rádio Cadillacs

Kingargoolas - Ao vivo na Rádio Cadillacs

This is a live set by Kingargoolas on the Brazillian radio show . It definitely doesn't have the studio polish you can get from their great 2013 self-titled LP but you've got a lot more songs than you'll find there! That includes a number of covers such as Eddie & The Showmen's "Squad Car" fit to their signature off-kilter syncopation. 


The Bills go Acoustic

Once upon a time a big hurricane made its way through New Orleans. Not that one though. This one was hurricane Isaac in 2012. A lot of us were stuck without power in the August/September heat for a week. So I had this idea of doing an acoustic show, and made the ridiculous request of local surf groups to do an acoustic set. The Bills answered that call. They went ahead and gave it a shot having no idea what it would sound like. It sounded like this.

The Maggot


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