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I recently started realizing that something was fishy. In the past year I've revamped my entire strategy for getting the word out about my show, a big part of which was this website right here. And it was working: I got a lot more action on facebook and twitter, and I could see in analytics that the "Gimme Stuff to Play" page was being visited.


Todays' show: Can Science Overcome the Forces of Evil?

Updated 3/3/2015


Evil dominated for the entire first hour, then defenders of scienced rushed in shortly after 5 o'clock. Science rocketed ahead with a commanding lead.

Evil: $150


So the show is over, the outcome won't change, but the station still sorely needs money to offset our operating costs. If you like any facet of what I'm doing, please consider donating.


WTUL's Pledge Drive is ON!

Storm Surge of Reverb finds its way to you via Tulane University's radio station WTUL. Tulane does supply funding to WTUL but the majority is paid for by listeners pledging money to keep it running. Without that money, Tulane might start wondering why exactly they pour so much money into this radio station, and sell us off to become an NPR station. No weird radio in New Orleans, and especially no instro radio. No Storm Surge of Reverb.


Looking for Surf/Instro groups to play in New Orleans for WTUL/SSOR fundraiser

EDIT! I'm rescheduling this. Stay tuned.

Storm Surge of Reverb makes its way to your earholes thanks to WTUL 91.5 fm in New Orleans Louisiana. 2 Years ago we put on a killer fundraiser show for WTUL featuring Kill, Baby... Kill! and the Unnaturals and it was a complete success, packing the bar to the gills and making a decent chunk of change for the station. You see, here in New Orleans there's not an awful lot of surf groups and definitely not much of a surf scene. But I have a lot of listeners! If I want to do a Storm Surge of Reverb special, they'll come out!


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