Satan's Pilgrims need your help for a tour and a new record

Satan's Pilgrims T-Shirt Design

Yikes! I meant to post about this when it first started, but there's only a week left and about a third to go!

Satan's Pilgrims have been around for 20 years and everything they've released along the way is worth owning (at least I'd say that based on the ones I own). They need YOUR help for two purposes:

  1. To head out to Italy in June 2015 for a tour, presumably for the Surfer Joe festival in Livorno
  2. To release a new CD of live material and rarities called "Frankenstomp". Which I yell in my head as one would "Shake and Stomp"

There's some nice kickbacks too! There's a T-Shirt with the design at the top of this page, various options to have them play a party of yours at the higher end, and packages to get every one of their CDs or LPs, a number of which are very hard to find nowadays.

Here's what the progress looks like so far:


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