Playlist! 12-30-19: 2019 Retrospective!

2019 Surf & Instrumental

Black Valley Moon - Skyway to Hell (The Baleful Sounds of Black Valley Moon)
Surf-a-tomica - Auténtico del Líbano (Auténtico del Líbano)
The Tourmaliners - Point Break (Tourmaline Dream)
Moms I'd like to surf - Suck my Board for Free (beach control to major knob)
The Delstroyers - Invasion of the Body Surfers (Resurrected)

The Volcanics - The Creature (Forgotten Cove)
The Wave Chargers - Catwoman Twang (The Wave Chargers)
Les Robots - The Man from ODOL (the fascinating world of...)
Albert Gines - La Huida (The First Monkey in Space)
Martin Cilia - 1960 (Shadowman)
Estereofonikos - El Reverendo (Desde Córdoba)
The Go-Go Rillas - Banana Party (Banana Party)

the obsidians - selenite stomp (the obsidians)
llobaros - La Perla Exótica (Exotica & Fuzz)
Surforicos - Let's Surf Again (Surf Clown)
The Centellas - The Green Death (Especimen Surf)
Didi Wray - Pisco Saico Twist (Mision Tango Surf)
Shark Attack!! - Big Chief (7")

The A-men - Dirty Raygun (Let's Fly to Mars)
Les Profs de Skids - gravelines (in tempore sine mora)
Mæds Dominos - Catalina Bay (Copacabana Switchblade)
Gold Dust Lounge - Better Worsens (Gold Dust Lounge)
Messer Chups - The World We Knew (Mondo Harp)

the Flying Faders - Pontius Pirate (Tectonic Shifts)
Los Freneticos - Teletransportacion (Teletransportación)
The Surfintynes - Infinite wave Rider (Surf Music For the 21st Century)
The Doltones - Gringo's Future Adventures (Stormrider)
The Jagaloons - Rancho Relaxo (Ruin the Party)

Expressway Sketches - Burpee, Squat (Surfin' the Day, Lovin' the Night)
CATSITH - Black Raven (Outsider)
Galactic Gold - 50 Swing (Digital vape)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Nubian Wasp (Studio 37)
Hearing Things - Uncle Jack (Here's Hearing Things)

Los Surfistas Muertos - Oceans of Blood (Los Surfistas Muertos)
The Telestons - Pensa Me Moutso (Blast Beach)
The Cops - Domestic Violence (Crime Wave)
Beach Moonsters - Possessed Tiki (Wild Surf Power)
Chewbacca's - Log Jam (The Return from Echo Lake)
Demon Vendetta - What Waits Below (Danse du Vice, De l'Horreur Et De L'Extase)
Amphibian Man - Cycle (Shapes (Side B))
Via Combusta - Pole Position (Via Combusta)
Bande de los Apaches - Now Go Have Fun (Forever)
Durango14 - Malibu BBM (Gigante Panamericana)


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