The Irradiates release Lost Transmissions from the Remote Outpost

The Irradiates - Lost Transmissions from the Remote Outpost

It's been 4 years since The Irradiates' last LP Revenge of the Plants and though we've had some Arno de Cea & the Clockwork Wizards albums to keep us happy in the meantime, it might be a little disheartening to see that this is a collection of rarities, unreleased tracks and live cuts if you were expecting an album.

Do not be disheartened. This will absolutely serve as the Irradiates LP you've been waiting for. The opening track should convince you right off the bat: as frenzied as anything you've heard from them, taking twists and turns, building and crashing throughout the course of the song. Another highlight was "Give Human Being a Last Chance" with plenty of theremin, channeling Man or Astro-Man pretty strongly while also displaying some wild guitar. You have a straight-up MOAM cover with their savage  "Beta Surfari" ("Alpha Surfari" originally) performed live. There are three vocal tracks and only two that overtly sounded like live recordings to me. The one live and vocal track is Agent Orange's "Everything Turns Grey" performed with Mike Palm of Agent Orange. Also apparently some tracks were recorded by Steve Albini? Not sure which.

You can download from Bandcamp now or wait just a minute for a gatefold vinyl copy to come out on February 7th


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