Baleia Mutante release Versões Macabras Para Crianças Malcriadas

Baleia Mutante - Versões Macabras Para Crianças Malcriadas

The Metallica reference on the album art isn't just a gag; this is a cover record and Baleia Mutante's tends to go a little outside the normal surf favorites. On this one we've got instro covers of Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Dead Kennedys, and the Live and Let Die Theme.


The Monterreys release The Pharoah

The Monterreys - The Pharoah

Early this morning my car was parked in North Carolina, where I drank many interesting sodas and hiked some beautiful mountains for a weekend. After a long day driving back here, I found that North Carolinans the Monterreys had made their new album available to those of us that didn't get to catch them at the Instro Summit. One of these years.


Rondo Hatton release Breaking the Sound Barrier

Rondo Hatton - Breaking the Sound Barrier

I like to think that I do a pretty good radio show, but having a surf radio show in New Orleans hasn't really started a movement or anything. I know of only 4-ish surf groups in Louisiana, and that's counting some of them as halves. One of those is Baton Rouge's Rondo Hatton (who I'm 99% sure formed with zero influence from my radio show).  


The Invisible Surfers release Straight From Hell

The Invisible Surfers - Straight From Hell

It's been a good while since the Invisible Surfers' last LP "Till That Day" and it's great to see them back. They've changed - a lot less fuzz, a lot more traditional reverb-drenched sound, but they've also stayed the same - aggressive, quick-picked, adrenaline-minded. You can give a listen to the previews and purchase it over at


The Tarantinos NYC release Surfin' the Silver Screen

Tarantinos NYC - Surfin' the Silver Screen

The Tarantinos NYC have a new LP out chock full of film soundtrack surf covers. They've been at it for a while though, and they're starting to dig pretty damn deep - a few covers that I certainly haven't heard! They've also written a few originals! I've only heard a few of the samples on CDbaby, but it sounds like it's got a good punch and a good traditional surf sound.


The Sub-Vectors release Music on the Bones

The Sub-Vectors = Music on the Bones

Here we go, 2015! The Sub-Vectors gave me a preview of a few tracks off their new album back in December and I found them mighty tasty. It's big (huge even), loud, of the MOAM school of guitar tone, and really packs a punch. The name (and art) of the CD comes from how Soviet music bootleggers would sometimes .


WaveSauce release Stop Go

WaveSauce - Stop Go

Surf has a long and great history with sci-fi and with it comes a flirtation with the mysterious sci-fi instrument the Theremin: the magical instrument meant to be heard, not touched. While others use it sparingly, WaveSauce is the only surf group I've heard that COMMITS to this device's otherworldly moans (though Messer Chups comes close (they collaborated with Leon Theremin's granddaughter!)).



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