Reverb Brasil releases Brazilian Tsunami Box Set

Brazilian Tsunami

Brazil truly seems like its own little world, a nation known for its cultural output, yet it always feels like it's not exactly put out there as much as the rest of the world peeks in. For Brazilian surf music, they have a champion advocating on their behalf: Reverb Brasil, headed by Leopoldo "Mocotó" Furtado. Reverb Brasil is to some extent a label, but mostly a platform to spread the word about Brazilian surf music. Reverb Tsunami is their most strident statement yet.

This 3-CD compilation (produced with help from Orleone Records) contains tracks from 63 Brazilian bands and manages to snag a track from just about every recent Brazilian group that I can think of. What I think is truly the most impressive feat here is that this isn't a history of Bralian surf music -- this is a document of this current era, with every band on the list more or less active in the past few years (you know how it is--some bands are only questionably ever active).

Given the size of this compilation it's pretty difficult to review, but I love that the first track is from the Los Straightjackets of Brazilian surf: The Dead Rocks. What I found impressive as somebody that already knew most of these goups (for which I have Reverb Brasil to thank) is just seeing them all in a huge list like that. There's truly a lot of ground to cover here and a wide arrange of styles, and I really hope that people buy this compilation (3 cds for $20!), take notes on what stands out to them, and dive further into these bands.

For a little more insight, here's a translated version of the text on the bandcamp page

Brazilian Tsunami, a portrait of surf music in Brazil

Record the current moment of the surf music scene in Brazil is the main intention of the Brazilian Tsunami, a collection produced by the labels Orleone Records and Reverb Brasil, in a cooperative way with the 63 bands that integrate these 3 cds here present.

This initiative depicts a veritable flood of reverb from the four corners of the country; from north to south, from east to west, surf music has proliferated throughout Brazilian territory in recent years. With a captivating chair in festivals and radio shows, the wet instrumental music is again in evidence in the alternative scene, participating intensely in the current music market.

There is no doubt that we live the most prosperous moment of style in Brazil. The emergence of a new scene with bands that sought their way, sometimes free of pre-established patterns, coupled with the performance of seasons of various names from abroad in our country, fed the circuit, which proliferated and spread its tentacles throughout Brazilian territory

Another preponderant factor was the intensification of the contacts and connections created and carried out with our Latin brothers. Many bands from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, among others, approached our scene, crossing the borders and witnessing "in loco" the intensity of the reverb practiced here.

In general, Brazilian Tsunami brings the DNA of Brazilian surf music in all its variations and aspects. The bands here have developed their identity based on what they have heard and in many cases have been based on the environment in which they were created, sometimes bumping into pioneering groups such as The Jordans, The Clevers, Jet Blacks, The Incredibles, The Millionaires , etc, groups that began the history of the style here in the decade of 1960 and made great success, marking its name in the history and the memory of the music in Brazil.

In addition to the references that emerged in the early days, the style returned to "talk" with the general public in the 1980s, through the Beach Boyzesco João Penca and his Amnestic Miquinhos. In the 1990s, it expanded greatly due to the release of the film "Pulp Fiction," a pop culture pearl featuring the "Miserlou" anthem, performed by the ball owner, King of Kings, DICK DALE, as the flagship of his soundtrack.

The scene of the 1990s was directly responsible for what we are currently experiencing. The effervescent youth just emerging from the military dictatorship encountered the democratic system and revindicated its space - like all segments of the yellow-green society - expanding through fanzines, magazines, websites, record labels, distributors, festivals, etc. .. From this wave, fundamental names emerged for the consolidation of the style in the largest country in South America. The "second generation of Brazilian surf music" was very productive, and some names remain active until today. Formations such as Oysters, Stanley Dix, Manure, Gasolines, Go !, The Argonauts, Tri Dux (just to name a few), have paved the way and resurfaced the route that resulted in most of the bands present here.

On these three albums, we were able to compile 63 songs from 63 different bands! Yes, it is an incredible feat for a scene that does not support itself with the mainstream media and has its own engine propelling its own, self-governing decisions and making the wheel spin at different points in this immense country.

Being part of this story, living this event is something that fills us with pride, and so this collection is really special for us. We owe a special thanks to all those involved directly or indirectly in this project: the present gentlemen who started this whole history in an unusual country, the following generations of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and especially to each of the bands involved, for all commitment, patience and companionship. Also, the great Leopoldo "Mocotó" Furtado, my brother, pilot of the most important stamp dedicated to the style in South America, Reverb Brazil, and main coordinator of this project. Each of you is a drop in this great wave. You are the protagonists of this story. Sincerely, thank you! Put the CD into the sound, turn up the volume, open a beer and become reverb numb with the Brazilian Tsunami. SURF'S UP!

Text by Neri "Emiliano" Mello, drummer of Mullet Monster Mafia and chairman of Orleone Records / Mamute Produções.



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