Playlist! 9-30-19

The Bambi Molesters - Wrong Turn (As the Dark Wave Swells)
The El Caminos - Apollo (The Complete Sexcite Works)
WJLP - Monday Morning (At the Intergalactic Slave Market) (WJLP Is Out of This World)
El Capitan and the Band With No Name - Mallacan Straights (Death of a Tiki)
The Go-Go Rillas - The GO-GO Rillas (The GO-GO Rillas)

The Atlantics - War of the Worlds (Great Surfing Sounds)
The Arrows - Commanche (Apache 65)
The Kickstands - Scrambler (Black Boots and Bikes)
Scotty Moore Trio - Have Guitar Will Travel (45)
The Cannonballs - Calliope Boogie (45)
Al Casey - baja (Surfin' Hootenanny)

Mariachi Death Squad - Turbowhale (You've Been Hit By)
west samoa surfer league - White Russian (Surf Noir EP)
Les Robots - Space Chase (The Fascinating World of)
Chewbacca's - This Island is Still Radioactive (The Return from Echo Lake)
maraca five-o - Tits & Asphalt (Six Slabs of Concrete)
The Halibuts - Bowling Ball Gardens (Hangin' Fourteen)

Santos Morcegos!!! - Mar Fina (Raios e Centolas)
Les Vice Barons - Like Weird (Steel Blue Moods)
The A-Men - SRY (Let's Fly to Mars)
Ted Boys Marinos - Magala (Shot One) (Surf Sesssions)

Dexter Romweber - Bombora (Chased by Martians)
Urban Surf Kings - Twister (Livorno)
Jackie and the Cedrics - Road Race (Back to the Hootenanny)
The Coffin Daggers - Sandstorm (The Coffin Daggers)
Los Wet Guitars - La Querida (Majestic)

Dirty Fuse - Stranger on mykonos (last wave)
monokini - vibra stomp (systopia)
Volcano Kings - calling UFO Pork Pie no. 9 (Music For an Exotic Monster Beach Party in Outer Space)
The Concussions - Famous Flameout (break Up with)
Prince Fatty - Moscow Mule (Prince Fatty meets Mutant Hi-Fi in Return of the Gringo)

Demon Vendetta - What Waits Below (Danse du Vice)
Galactic Coffin - A Curious Look At the Live Of the Dead (Surf the Skulls or Die)
theunidentified. - ctrl-alt-delete (Secret Audio Suspense)
The Nebulas - Falling Out of Orbit (It's Go Time!)
The Mofos - 2 Minutes to Midnight (Supercharged on alcohol)
The All-Nighters - escape from the nuthouse (dance til' dawn)
Bande de los apaches - El Composito Rojo (Forever)
The Alohas - Superskeg (Get Leid With)
Drebin - SRFSNG#2 (Y2K19)
infra-men - rocket rogachova (FASTER)


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