Playlist! 3-18-24

Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience - La Ola Perfecta (Meanwhile in Mallorca)
Bitch Boys - Pendleton Surf (Ride The First Wave)
The von Drats - Tube City (Dratsylvania)
Los Protones - El Condor Pasta (20 Monstruos!)
The Dead Rocks - Fingerboard (Surf Explosão)

Sandy Nelson - Bullfrog (Masterpieces Presents Sandy Nelson: 25 Greatest Hits)
Vy-Dels - Unknown (Surf Age Nuggets)
Johnny Barakat & The Vestells - The Wedge (Rare Surf Vol. 3)
The Cliffters - Django (Eurotwang!)
Jerry Cole and his Spacemen - Ride-Um! (Surf Age)
The Tornados - Ridin' the Wind (Original Hits: 1962)

Chris Casello - Sharkskin Buffalo (Surfin' Hayride)
The Cheapoes - Slaughter's Daughter (cheap)
The Meteoroids - Galaxy West (The Meteoroids)
The HamilTones - Set to Kill (In Space)
Los Oxidados - Bingo (Look Out! Here We Go!)
The Minarets - Tomorrow's Forecast (LP _ Unreleased)

SPF 1985 - Evac Surf (Sunburner)
Guitarmy of One - Soylent Seafoam Green (Soylent Seafoam Green)
Las Hormiguitas - Hate Her (Alona)
Fifty Foot Combo - Bali Hai (Caffeine)

Grand Kahuna - Diana (Grand Kahuna II)
The Hypnotic IV - Que Hombre (Go Baby Go)
The Delstroyers - From the Deep (10,000 Ways to Die)
Satan's Pilgrims - Boss BSA (Plymouth Rock)

Los Dexter's De Uchiza - Fuga en la Selva (Fiesta en la Jungla)
Catsith - Hawaiian War Chant (Catsith)
Baligh Hamdi - Iskandarani (Instrumental Modal Pop of 1970s Egypt)
Oskar Benas Instro Combo - Cuerpos De Inseguridad (Obic)
Ansambl Mileta Petrovica - Zov Gitare (Veseli Romi)
Les Sunlights - Black Reader (Black Rider) (Eurotwang! 34 Twangy Guitar Intro's, Exhumed from Europe's Deepest Vaults ….)

Terreur Twist - salade décomposée (Reverb in Blood)
Timecop Beach Party - Reach the Beach//rule the Pool -
The Squadron Leaders - Sharp Suit, Blunt Dagger (In Which We Surf)
MAD3 - Detroit UFO (We Are the Mad Crew)
The KBK - Out of Limits (Demo) (Acute Exposure: The First Ten Years)
The Beyonderers - Besieged By Orbs (Live in Akron)
Daikaiju - Red Tsunami (Phase 3)
We Are a Communist - The Silent Bugler (Blast Off!)
The Boss Martians - Twin Tee Pee Grind (Las Vegas Grind 2000 EP)
Mono Men - Mr. Eliminator (Shut the Fuck Up!)
Mike Clark - Signature (Kosen Rufu)


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