Playlist! 10-17-22

Martin Denny - Cobra (Forbidden Island)
Dome La Muerte E.X.P. - No Justice (Lazy Sunny Day)
The Eliminators - Boneyard (Unleashed)
Reverberati - 77 (Combat Surf)

The Ventures - The Swingin' Creeper (45)
Johnny Fortune - Surfers Trip (45)
The Busy Bodies - Foot Tapper (Oldies, Goodies And Woodies (Remastered))
Jim Waller & the Deltas - Surf Walk (Surfin' Wild (Digitally Remastered))
Bobby Fuller and the Fanatics - Stringer (45)

The Tiki Creeps - Dr. Z's Prophecy (Lava Rockin' Psycho-Rama)
The Jagaloons - Cinnamon Twist (walk, don't run, to the border)
Los Atarrayas - Chameau Royal (Killed By Surf)
Zak and the Krakens - The Kermit Nebula (Astrolith Visions)

Satan's Pilgrims - Pilgrim Party (Go Action!!)
The Silver Hawks - Surf Boardwalk (The Silver Hawks Shurf Coast to Coast)
Sys Malakian - Megalodon (Megalodon)
Longboard Ranch - Re-Entry (Surfin' Out West)

Les Profs de Skids - Photophobia (In Tempore Sine Mora LP)
Bang! Mustang! - Stranded (Surfin' Nsa)
Insect Surfers - Reptile Boots (Mojave Reef)
The SpyTones - Vendetta (Dead Note Theory)

Dead Combo - Deus Me DĂȘ Grana (Odeon Hotel)
The Tone Zones - Penetratino (The Tone Zones)
Hillbilly Soul Surfers - Soul Penetration (Instro Nation - 21st Century Surf Sounds)
The 427's - Bikini Thief (Stay Gold)

Theeee Gondola - Theeee (Pirate Wray)
Monterreys - Zeta Reticuli (Monterreys)
Threesome - Tellurion (On Tour - EP)
The Meteors (Do The) Blood Feast Twist (The Power of 3)
Thee Windom Earles - Freight Elevator (Mai Tai Pink Eye)
Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks - Surf as Houdini (Cinemascope-A-Dope)
The Void Surfers - Revenge Of The Mexican Vampire (Satanic Cowboy Surf Rock Mayhem)
Spring Break Shark Attack! - Red Surf (Sharkronomicon)


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