Los Frenéticos - Teletransportación

Los Frenéticos - Teletransportación

In 2015 Los Freneticos’ album El Sonido Que Perdura was anointed with my record of the year (man, I was playing fast and loose with the word "trad" then...). It’s a record that bursts with energy, exuberance and playfulness. Teletransportacion is the follow-up to that record, and though it keeps much of the same sound, it chooses a different style. If El Sonido Que Perdura is an action-packed Saturday afternoon in the sun, Teletransportacion is Sunday at the same spot, cold drink in hand.

The opener “La Luz Mala” starts off in a surprisingly slow and stormy way, whereas so many surf records would opt to start with a punch. It’s a really surprising choice, but stick with it and about two-thirds in the clouds will part for a glimpse of that sunshiney sound. When you get to “Palmira” you really get a look at that sound, like sunrays through water.

This album shoots a bit more towards the vibe that a lot of Frankie & the Poolboys’ material aims for: not space battles and life or death scenarios, but BBQs and fun with friends (btw check out ). It’s not about blocking out the sun with terrifying guitar, it’s about soaking in the sun. Some surf music charges forward, this album enjoys the moment. “El Vagabundo” feels like the beach, but not riding a big wave, rather that initial moment you and your friends arrive and it’s time to enjoy yourselves.

Surprisingly, the album ramps up a bit in the second half with faster, more danceable songs such as the title track, but it rarely feels menacing, just having fun. Harsh sounds are replaced with glistening keyboards and chimes. The second half also includes “Si Me Quieres” a jazzy, easy one with some Booker T organ.

El Sonido Que Perdura felt like a statement, Teletransportacion feels like they’ve already made their statement, they’re now content to just do their thing and have fun. They took all those sounds flying around on their previous record, and they still make an appearance here, but they take it easy. It’s an unexpected approach, but perhaps the smart one: an album with its own identity while still sounding like the same band.

No bandcamp at the moment (pretty sure it's on its way), but vinyl available from Hi-Tide... and at one of their many shows on their !


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