It's not bandcamp Friday anymore but I missed three releases

The Seatopians - Up From the Depths

The tough thing about making articles about what you should buy on Bandcamp Fridays is that things come out ON Bandcamp Friday. And it sucks waiting an entire month to highlight them, especially when these three are just as high profile as anything that was in yesterday's list. So here's a supplemental article.

The Seatopians - Up From the Depths EP

It's been a whole 6 months since their last EP, but ain't nuthin wrong with that! These three tracks had a more immediate impact on me than their and in general I think there's an extra punch to the recording that I think this band has been trying to get since the beginning. Still dark and spooky, but harder hitting.

The Breakers - A Date With Destiny

Another group that has been hard at work this year after releasing in February and a just a few months after. This EP starts with a similar horror-punk vibe as their previous material, but starts to stretch out and get weirder in the later half, including some nice cello on "The Moldau". Then "Po'ino" starts to make you think they're pulling it back in with a straight surf stomper only to bring in some psychedelic weirdness. I think the experimentation going on here goes pretty well and I hope we hear more of it in the future, which at the current pace shouldn't be too long!

The Volcanics - Christmas Wassailing EP

I'm a believer that Christmas ramp-up shouldn't start until after Thanksgiving, but Hark! A new Volcanics release! Their signature sound isn't muffled by snowfall whatsoever, this is dripping wet, loud and fun. If you ead anything I've written about them previously, I've probably said something to the tune of balancing mean riffs with smiling attitude, which makes them about as perfect as it gets for surfing up some Xmas songs.


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