Introducing the 2016 Gremmy Awards

Gremmy Awards 2016

Every year the Gremmy Awards gather up and sort out the best of all the surf/instro releases. This prestigious award (a .png file for you to right-click-save-as) is only given to one band (or entity) per category, though there can be any number of Honorable Mentions. There's no real criteria except my own personal nitpicks, biases, and whims -- no voting committee. However, towards the end we'll have a few Guest Gremmys.

Here are the categories.

  • Best Rad Instro Album: Hard-edged and adrenaline focused.
  • Best Modern Instro Album: Bands that build on the trad sound to make something fresh and new.
  • Best Way-Out Instro Album: Bands that only keep a thin tether to the surf sound.
  • Best Album Art
  • Special Gremmys: Best sound procution, best label, worst album art, whatever I feel is worth mentioning.

And of course, there's the


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