The Grande Bois release Surf Salvation

The Grande Bois - Surf Salvation

The Grande Bois have been a pretty ambitious group since their first release and they're just as inventinve and frenetic on their third LP. Though their album art often deals in horror movie camp, they don't really come off as a horror surf band (especially on sleepy tracks like "Shy Groove", a straight sunset surf tune). Rather, they roll around in strange fiction tropes with playfulness. It gives them a good variety, sometimes playing it straight and sometimes getting pretty goofy and punctuating a song with cow moos. The weirdness is pulled off well with some great sound production sorcery and and pretty wide array of sounds played by evidently very capable musicians. Basically, The Grande Bois is a band where you can expect them to throw you something unlike what you've heard before on a pretty regular basis, and when they do they do it adeptly.

Physical copies of this are pretty limited -- apparently mostly being used to fill preorders. If you want to purchase it digitally, it seems your options are iTunes and . But if you want to listen to it, they've made it easy, the whole thing is on Youtube.


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