Dirty Fuse release Last Wave

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Dirty Fuse's previous album  was definitely worth a listen: it seamlessly gave a surf twang to Greek rebetika songs. They're back to business hittin the surf with Last Wave, though they're still clearly up for a challenge. In this quick listen as I'm posting this I'm hearing LOTS of interesting saxophone, a mix of fuzz, glassy euro-styled guitar, some good ol' deep twangin'.. and that's just a start.

I'm jumping the gun a little bit here as I don't think it's currently purchaseable, but it's streaming on Youtube so you can hear it in its entirety now. Then in a few days it'll be hitting , CDBaby, and iTunes. EDIT: They're waiting on vinyl copies to be finished too!

And Kostas, if you're reading this, great meeting you, if I ever end up in Greece (and I hope you do) I'll definitely drop you a line. 


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