The Aqua Barons release Southeast Stompers

The Aqua Barons - Southeast Stompers

After 6 years and only two tracks on a Green Cookie compilation to show for it, Greece's The Aqua Barons have released their first LP. Though drawing on trad sounds, there's some very distinct creativity in here that really stand out as their own: from the loosely floating lead guitar in "the Lonely Siren", to a killer mix of fuzz and surf guitar in "Harbour Love" and some unhinged wildness on "Abandon Ship". The closer "Last Sunset" is a fun track as well, starting as cooled-off drifter but building into a roar.

One thing small thing I appreciate here: three of the songs have Greek titles in their own alphabet. Surf rock, especially trad-leaning as this is, may originate from California, but part of the fun is seeing how its spread and how people have made it their own. Why take that away?

In addition to bandcamp download, this is available on CD in both red and blue varieties through Green Cookie. I don't believe there's any difference between the two. And I tried looking at them next to each other with 3d glasses - not as exciting as it sounds.


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