Cat Sith - Outsider EP and s/t LP

Cat Sith - Outsider

Cat Sith (or Catsith, they never seem to settle on that) have released 3 EPs and 2 LPs since April of 2018, and every subsequent release gets a little more poisoned.

Their sound definitely is rooted in surf, reverbed out guitar and all, drums, upright bass and often saxophone or even some bongos. But they're getting better and better at using them tastefully wrong. The reverb rings out a bit longer than comfortable levels, and there might even be some very subtle flanger thrown into the mix. But it's more about which instrument is used in the spot least expected. Amidst the roaring dissonance of "Acid Surfer" the bongos join in for a surprisingly hip-shaking element to a song that otherwise sounds appropriate for a flood. The saxophone is more likely to be used in an ominous manner than the typical surf flavor -- think Morphine, not The Champs.

"N" is a great example of the weird moods they tend to inhabit -- a great beach luau percussion overshadowed by strange and uneasy guitar. The guitar is rarely about the melody more than the mood, but perhaps the best glimpse of that is "Immigrant", where you can hear a familiar Led Zeppelin song turned sour and strange, leaving very little resembling the original.

I think it's all very well done and I believe it's crafted to sound like this, rather than simply screwing around. The question is, do you want to hear strange surf soundscapes like this? We're drawn to this niche genre because we expect certain sounds, and to feel a certain way, and the sounds and feelings you get here are likely different than the ones you'd expect. That said, perhaps you're drawn to the strangeness -- at times these twisted sounds sound vaguely foreign but still of this earth, such as "Shmendrick" which loosely evoked Omar Khorshid vibes.

In any case, I'm onboard to see where this goes, and at the rate they've been releasing stuff I'm sure that like a colony of bacteria, they'll mutate quickly.


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