Nahuelaizers release En vivo en Pub Interview (Bariloche)

Nahuelaizers - En vivo en Pub Interview (Bariloche)

For those with weak spanish, these 9 songs were recorded live at place named "Pub Interview" in Bariloche, Argentina. So don't expect an interview, expect fast, loud, and chaotic surf tunes. For a live recording everything comes out sounding pretty nice and gives them a rawness that might have been missing from some of their previous material.


Tsunamish release vs. Los Fantasmas EP

Tsunamish vs. Los Fantasmas EP

The band that mixed the Pennsylvania Dutch with surf has now thrown horror into the mix. Really though, this EP only really goes for the spooky vibes on the title track and "La Culpa", the rest is solid trad surf. They've got physical copies on the way to the manufacturer, but in the meantime you can hear and download the songs on bandcamp


Expressway Sketches release Love Surf Music

Expressway Sketches - Love Surf Music

Expressway Sketches is comprised of a group of accomplished jazz musicians that found themselves falling into a surf rock habit. Which lead to the LP you have here. From the bits that I've heard, it sounds like it should be comfortable listening for a lot of surf fans, with moments where it warps a little and brings you into jazz territory.


Marshall and the Martins release Mrs. Haggerty's House

Marshall and the Martins - Mrs. Haggerty's House

Marshall and the Martins have a blisteringly fast release cycle going, but please don't stand in the way because it seems to be working. This is the best of their stuff so far, with clean but punchy production and great variety. If they're going for something fun and bouncy, it bounces, if it's slow and creepy like the title track, it creeps. It sets out what it wants to do and the results and satisfying!


The Aquaholics (poshumously) release Psycho Satanic Surf Party

The Aquaholics release Psycho Satanic Surf Party

The name Aquaholics rings a bell for me, but I can't decide whether it's this band or the still active . The description on their bandcamp page reads

"Recorded @ Sonic Iguana. Mastered by Mass Giorgini

The band started in 2006. Uploaded for upcoming 10 year anniversary. The band broke up before the album was ever finished or pressed."



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