Record Store Day 2016 for Surf Nuts

Record Store Day 2016

The Record Store Day came out yesterday, and as much as I feel that Record Store Day is a great way to make record collecting a lot less fun, there ARE a number of surf-relevant releases this year. So if you're heading to the stores on April 16th, here are some things being released that day that you might be looking for.


Surf releases for Record Store Day's Black Friday

Record Store Day Black Friday

Disclaimer: I hate Record Store Day and Black Friday, and if it weren't for the fact that they make a lot of money from it, your record store would hate it too. However, it often does bring a few surf records into the world, and I've found in that they're not exactly the hottest items, so you can probably drop by your store at your leisure rather than hop in line at 7 AM.


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