Post date: 10/31/2014 - 09:04

A little late getting this one up

diablo pussycats - squareheads on the move (monsters of surf)
bitch boys - waikiki storm (in heat)
johnny carbonaras - hurricane you like a rock (johnny carbonaras)
the von drats - instant soup (dratsylvania)

duane eddy - deep water start (water skiing)
pat & the californians - bad - 45
the majestics - oasis pt 2 - 45
the semi-colons? - Beachcomber - 45
the spinners - bailing out (party-my pad!)
the ventures - lucille - 45

the abstinence - mas turbante (paraiso de excesos!)
satan's pilgrims - small craft advisory (soul pilgrim)
showman & the thunderous staccatos - hijo de puta (eat my dust ass'hole)
aaron and the burrs (dreaming of) warmer waters (aaron & the burrs)
the mummies - test drive (play their own records)
jaguar & the savanas - ride of may gray (wet side stories)

slacktone - coffin closer (into the blue sparkle)
the bambi molesters - panic party (as the dark wave swells)
the mermen - krill slippin' (krill slippin')
langhorns - in the lobby (en el vestibulo) (mission exotica)

legato vipers - spy vs spy (lv)
the elite u.f.o. - tarantula (surf age nuggets)
slingshot dragster - uti (bite the bullet)
los freneticos - frenetiqueando (el playa)

phonocaptors - schizophrenic guateque on the bloody beach (danse macabre)
the skins - equiana (exotic mindexpanders)
peter jay & the jaywalkers - mistral (hank, bruce, bert, joe, big jim & more)
sunil ganguli - om hari om (swinging hits)
pinocchio & the puppets - fusion (Everything You Always Wanted To Know About´60´s Mind Expansive Punkadelic Garage Rock Instrumentals But Were Afraid To Ask)

fifty foot combo - it's alive (go hunting)
robotmonkeyarm - dance party ending (robotmonkeyarm part 3)
the dead rocks - green secret from amazonia (one million dollar surf band)
Johnson, robert and punchdrunks - scientifically raw (cinemascope)
man or astro-man? - Put your fingers in the socket (project infinity)
the swiv-o-matics - pigeon lung (the return of the fez men)
spaceguards - rio jara (multivision)
los plantronics - hieronymous bosch (organic voodoo soup)
los tiros - voy lo mato y vuelvo (tu pesadilla regreso, bienvenido al infierno)
Demon vendetta - retaliation stomp (guardians of a bitter sea)

Post date: 10/20/2014 - 14:14

the palermo surf experience - shake 'n' fake (far from famous)
the bambi molesters - big time action (dumb loud hollow twang)
jon & the nightriders - surfin' and spyin' (live at the whiskey)
the surf zombies - it's a thing! (it's a... thing!)
tremolo beer gut - rave kned (under the covers with...)

link wray & the wraymen - raw-hide (link wray & the wraymen)
Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Let's Go Trippin' (surfer's choice)
the challengers - surf beat (surfbeat)
the rondels - back beat no 1 - 45
the a-jacks - fury - 45
bob regan - tarantula - 45
the ventures - Lonely Girl - 45

the okay-men - rambo no. 5 (best of)
the original onions - grill skills (onions in space)
new world replampagos - arenas movedizas (new world relampagos)
insect surfers - orion canyon (infra green)

les monegasques - psychose (midnight massiera)
the space agency - let's go eleki (the space agency)
jim messina and his jesters - the thing (the dragsters)
sandy nelson and the sin city termites - lock it in (nelsonized)

the abstinence - ebola (treble speed) (paraiso de excesos)
the apemen - crunch (7 inches of love)
husky and the sandmen - extasy (ridin the wild surf)
the five outsiders - highway man (on the run)
the atomic 7 - save your fork there's pie (...gowns by edith head)

romantic - blacksurf ii (blacksurf)
kaseciarz - goin' surfin' (surfin' malopolska)
phonocaptors - john virgin (danse macabre)
omar khorshid - ah ya zaman (for old time's sake) (guitar el chark)

the dead rocks - march to fuzz (radio promo)
the krontjong devils - third star from the left (en garde)
the swiv-o-matics - ode to papa joe (the return of the fezmen)
el ray - Justin Case (the evil mermaid)
commando - irene s. (piet)
mofos - enrico diablo (six pack performance)
speedball jr - caramba (for the broad minded)
threesome - tellurion (on tour)
el fossil - masterblaster (escape from crabhorse)
kill, baby... kill! - duck & cover (corridor x)
cosmic monster - knifehead (knifehead / the drift)

Post date: 10/06/2014 - 14:30

the swiv-o-matics - the return of the fez men (the return of the fez men)
louie and the louies - backfire (hipbone slim vs sir bald)
kimmo kalaja & friends - Gone With the Sun (Surf Punk)
the tornados - Maleguena (Beyond the Surf!)
The Routes - Hotwired (Instrumentals)

Tony, Vic and Manuel - 319 La Cienega (A Go-Go Hollywood Night Life)
the journeymen - work out (rare surf the south bay bands)
the centurians - surfin' at mazatlan (cowabunga! the surf box)
the routers - pipeline (a-ooga!!!)
the rumblers - intersection (it's a gas!)

the bills - apollo creed (striaght from the gutter)
wild sammy and the royaltones - echo rocket 66 (speed crazy)
skurkarna - dishonorable profession (a crimewave escapade)
the sand devils - well of souls (the sand devils)
the halibuts - skinny dip (gnarly)
husky & the sandmen - return to ground zero (ridin the wild surf)

seks bomba - jet city (operation bomba)
Laika and the Cosmonauts - tantrum (the amazing colossal band)
the quiets - song of delilah (the many faces of the quiets)
the evanstones - nurf (there are no words)

the tiki creeps - green slime are coming (invaders from beyond the sound barrier)
the good the bad - 27 (from 018 to 033)
demoni - black lagoon (surf city of the dead)
ghastly ones - attack of the robot atomico (a-haunting we will go-go)
kill, baby... kill! - Love Theme For a Twisted Mind (corridor x)

jan davis - boss machine - 45
the skylights - elaine-twist (suomalaisia rautalankaaanityksia)
the barons - cossack (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
the tempests - lemon lime (strummin mental volume 2)
takeshi terauchi & the blue jeans - soran bushi (let's go eleki bushi)
duane eddy - stalkin' (have twangy guitar will travel)

the abominable showmen - 26 alpha (the abominable showmen)
hawaii samurai - proud to be a cryptic surfer (the octopus incident?)
Man...or Astro-Man? - super rocket rumble (Deluxe men in space)
ramblin' ambassadors - cupcakes di milo (vista cruiser county squire)
arno de cea - shore breaking a-go-go (Surf it up)
the volcanics - Trick Shot (the lonely one)
invisible surfers - los pilotos estan muertos (till that day)
beware the dangers of a ghost scorpion! - Black Crescent (Blood Drinkers Only)
The Protons - The Explanatory Gap (out of phase)

Post date: 09/28/2014 - 23:35

space cossacks - beyond the third star (tsar wars)
the avengers vi - time bomb (real cool hits)
the insect surfers - ocean maid (death valley coastline)
the exotics - jetsetter (go go guitars)
the prisoners - f.o.p. (the last fourfathers)
footstep surf music band - violentures (mercosurf)

the sentinals - tor-chula (sunset beach)
the runabouts - surfer's fright (surf-age nuggets)
the vikings - plastic coat (shake um up rock)
the starliners - static (reed)
the blazers - beaver patrol (it came from the beach)

les gardians - gardian's time - 45
ted taylor four - spotlight (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
the tornados - stompin' through the rye (telstar)
the skylights - ginchy (suomalaisia rautalankaaanityksia)

audiosamigos - the bat (432 hurtz)
the evanstones - slippery surface (there are no words)
Doctor A-Go-Go - hot girlie action (hot girlie action)
the night birds - agent zero (monster surf)
surf zombies - tophat (it's a... thing!)

the five - theme from burger force (the suffering bastard) (for five nights only)
link wray & the wraymen - mustang (the original rumble)
the blue demons - cat on a hot foam board (mad fabricators)
the fathoms - getaway car (fathomless)
surf report - naugahide (bikini island experiment)

the phantom four - esperanza (esperanza ep)
travelers of tyme - man from t.y.m.e. 1960 (travelers of tyme)
condor gruppe - bismantova (4 track demo)
combustible edison - hot and bothered (the impossible world)
the space agency - cyclone (galactic guitars)

the abominable showmen - rob the ripper (the abominable showmen)
kimmo kalaja & friends - fire coral (surfpunk!)
the mobsmen - tandeborstel twist (scelerats syndicate)
blairracuda - Formaldehyde and seek (tidal grave)
the apemen - surf party (7 inches of love)
the reigning monarchs - black sweater massacre (black sweater massacre)
the protons - attack of the cybermen (out of phase)
the defiant ones - pitch black (super secret disaster)
netunos - 120 (altomar)
the infra-men - warning shot (Mercy Kill A Burning Man)
surfpatrouille - it's not unusual (instronaut)

Post date: 09/22/2014 - 07:56

the original surfaris - bombora (surf monsters)
aaron & the burrs - oh no, more bats (release the bats)
los blue marinos - wild rider (los blue marinos)
alwaro negro - belva (clean!)
st. john & the cardinals - the rise - 45
rat holic - run! run! (wipe out with)

mac rebennack - storm warning - 45
earl stanley and the stereos - fish eyes - 45
the night hawks - rockin hawk - 45
the avantis - gypsy surfer - 45
the hondells - haulin honda (go little honda)

the urban surf kings - old caliente (bang howdy partner)
the taikonauts - kay pachacuti (mysteriis alienis mundi)
go! tsunami - Bushwacked (patchwork 2012)
pedrito diablo & los cadaveras - el baile del justiciero (el cuerno del chivo)
danny amis & twin tones - double indemnity (super spy western tones)

infra-men - rocket rogachova (FASTER, GIANT SQUID! KILL! KILL!)
the tremolo beer gut - the sleaz-e-nator (under the influence of)
huevos rancheros - super creep (muerte del toro)
electrohumedos - apocalypsis psicotronico (electrohumedo's first album)
the sir finks - knights of the long board ((tres mexicans) del surf del texas)
the deoras - twitchin (surf spy tiki instro)

twangozilla - mexican girl vs voodoo witch (mexican girl vs woodoo witch)
the razorblades - surf like an egyptian (the dark side of the beach)
the kustard kings - nina e. (blam!)
susan & the surftones - sunburn (the originals)
lunatics - el creco (beware)
the pistolrays - night drive (corona del mar)

wjlp - exoplanet exploration petomaniac (petomaniac)
kai winding - china surf (kai winding)
laika & the cosmonauts - zero gravity stomp (zero gravity)
evan foster - sequence array (instruementals)

the protons - the earth will die! (out of phase)
threesome - combo swell (on tour)
impala - incident on the 10th floor (kings of the strip)
the del-vipers - Disaster magnet (terror of the del-vipers)
goldentones - junior (atmosphere)
the chemist and the acevities - fluorine (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
the phantomatics - hearse surfin' (she left her brain at the drive-in)
jfa - pipetruck (untitled)
the dead rocks - kamikaze (one million dollar surf band)
dick dale - the pit (calling up spirits)
dr frankenstein - 666 days with mr guitar (in 4 dimension)

Post date: 09/15/2014 - 07:13

the tremolo beer gut - le jacquet (under the covers with...)
the mariños - rootin' around for ramona (single)
los yetis con jeans - a ricardo (los cuates del ritmo)
danny amis & twin tones - showdown (super spy western tones)

randy holden - malibu run (cowabunga! the surf box)
surf teens - lalini wipe out (surf mania)
dave myers & the surf tones - road to rincon (hangin' twenty)
the crossfires - fiberglass jungle (out of control)
freddie king - the stumble (let's hide away and dance away)

the pistolrays - enforcer (corona del mar)
longboard ranch - rincon revel (longboard ranch rides again)
surflamingo - campanillas diabõlicas (locura oceanica)
original onions - i ran (grill skills)

dangermen - moon probe (meet the men of danger)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - section 5 (the spacesound effect)
WJLP - The Journey Home (Petomaniac)
jan davis - the time funnel (boss guitar!)
the what four - gemini 4 (45)

operation - diamond bikini - hello chief! (EP)
el toro! - kfm (creatures)
the untamed youth - pabst blue ribbon (untamed melodies)
the ghastly ones - surfin' spooks (a-haunting we will go-go)
the huaraches - pole nectar (the huaraches ride)

the arrows - tee pee (apache '65)
hikury beach - el maldito thiwie (soy el diablo)
branko - tesarudo ivar vs seaberg (st 7inch)
crazy aces - busted & broken (surfadelic spy-a-go-go)
the atlantics - adventures in paradise (stompin' time)

kill, baby...kill! - stop off in ridgeview (human sounds vol one stop off in ridgeview)
the del-vipers - monsoon surf (terror of the del-vipers)
the irradiates - locked in the chromatic spectrum (revenge of the plants)
the coffin daggers - coffin dagger (monsters from the id)
surfpatrouille - arrabiata (intronaut)
13th magic skull - sungazing (sungazing in rapa nui)
the dead rocks - sonic stars (one million dollar surf band)
the windows - xl-3 (promotional)
toni ok - surf españa (golden guitar mood)
the deadbeats - hagbelly (day of the deadbeats)
the barbwires - you son of a beach (searider)

Post date: 09/08/2014 - 14:11

Another straight-ahead one this week!

the kneejerk reactions - legless (Hipbone Slim vs. Sir Bald)
langhorns - pit stop stampede (club gabardino)
the fantastic 3 - hawaiian beach (14 favorites!!!)
the surfites - the royal vikings / campus workout (strato party)
tsunamish - strato party (mision: shangai)

the ventures - go go dancer (ventures a go go)
lively ones - goofy foot (surf rider/surf drums)
the surfaris - similau (play)
the royal coachmen - loophole (surf & drag vol 1)
dynamics - later on (strummin mental volume 2)
davie allan & the arrows - commanche (apache '65)
dick dale and his del-tones - taco wagon (mr eliminator)

danny amis & twin tones - cattle drive (super spy western tones)
the spooks - spook walks (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
the playboys - desperado (board boogie)
los twang! marvels - runaway from zardoz (guitars in orbit)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - wheelspin (the spacesound effect)

flat duo jets - fuzzy and wild (safari)
the phantom surfers - banazi run (18 Deadly Ones!!!)
thee andrews surfers - betty's twist '99 (rip off!)
beware the dangers of a ghost scorpion! - denton county casket company (5 after midnight)
boogie nazis - batfish (no coast)
13th magic skull - subway surfers (sungazing in rapa nui)

los coronas - getrunken express (the vivid sounds of)
the space rangers - murder on the sixth tee (ready to take off!)
the madeira - witch doctor (tribal fury)

hikury beach - heavy wey (soy el diablo)
the greaseballs - stiletto (tombstone wax)
messer chups - chupacabra twist (bermuda 66)
the tormentos - paul pomepticion (death drop!)
lunatics - the twilight zone (beware)

the del-vipers - the sonic deterrent (terror of the del-vipers)
los yetis con jeans - foragidos en los castillos de pinchera (los cuates del ritmo)
cannibal mosquitos - lost mojo (surprise attack)
the volcanics - the baron (the lonely one)
nebulas - morpheus (nebula one)
the surf coasters - rampage (surfside village)
Man...or Astro-Man? (classified) (project infinity)
the delusionaires - beat girl (destination poon)
the all-nighters - Escape from the Nuthouse (dance til dawn)
the ramblin ambassadors - cupcakes di milo (vista cruiser county squire)
tequila worms - nitro (running late)
the apemen - Arabian Beachstomp (are you being surfed)

Post date: 09/01/2014 - 13:29

This show was all fuzz, maybe with a little buzz

the arrows - devil's angels (devil's angels)
ava kant - davie the fuzzed (highwave star)
the dynotones - 99 A.D. (the dynotones)
los straitjackets - squid (supersonic guitars in 3-d)
satan's pilgrims - psycle pswami (psychsploitation)

grady martin - the fuzz (45)
the ventures - 2,000 pound bee (45)
jimmy gordon - buzzzzzz (45)
los jaguar's - tormenta en el mar de la tranquilidad (45)
los belking's - setima patrulla (45)
the avalanches - avalanche (ski surfin')

bikini machine - get down (let's party with bikini machine vol. 2)
the hypnomen - fuss and fight (watusi 99)
the trabants - DOA (cinematic)
the sir finks - heart full of soul ((tres mexicans) del surf del texas)
orchester charles blackwell - the bumble beat (planetary pebbles vol 1)

the hangee v - green slippers (sounds of fuzz)
born losers - theme from angels never die (cycle guitars)
the surfdusters - gruesome (save the waves)
the satelliters - fuzz-out (wylde knights of action)
the crazy aces - numb one (greatest hits volume 2)

davie allan & the arrows - blues theme (45)
los plantronics - buzz meeks (rancho notorious!)
Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks - speed cops (Four Tales of Chemistry)
fifty foot combo - can I have some brandy with that? (caffeine)
the surfites - the angry breed / Danger Ahead '66 (the surfites & co.)
the bomboras - the creeper (it came from pier 13)
watang! - siam cat (miss wong)

vaqueros - 69 (everything you ever wanted to know about 60's mind-expansive punkadelic garage rock)
hella vader - california gothic (galifornia gothic)
the quests - sayonara (instrumentally yours)
zoo - fungus (mindexpanders volume 3)

the mummies - whitecaps (never been caught)
the last drive - misirlou (underworld shakedown)
the bad beers - russian rocket (ZOMBIES FROM BEYOND THE SURF)
the bills - straight from the gutter (straight from the gutter)
mad 3 - fuzz engine (napalm in the morning)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - the fuzz (aloha from havana)
beware the dangers of a ghost scorpion - 13 stabs (blood drinkers only)
volcano kings - peter gunn (11 ways to avoid death in trash can)
estrume'n'tal - casa do sol nascente (surfme'n'tal)
davie allan & the arrows - the cycle breed (cycle breed)
the mag seven - my war (black feathers)

Post date: 08/25/2014 - 08:03

This one was an absolute blast

the volcanos - krakatoa (surf quake)
the surfites - cleopatra (big pounder)
thee andrews surfers - scandinavian action (rip off)
tsunamish - strato party (strato party)
the surf zombies - reverb shake (lust for rust)

the night owls - stompin' (45)
the revels - the monkey bird (intoxica!!! the best of)
the rhythm rockers - madness (strummin mental part 1)
d-rail - the flintales (las vegas grind part 3)
the hondells - the sidewinder (the hondells)
PJ & the Galaxies - Ramrod (rare surf the south bay bands)

los belking's - gigante de vidio (los belking's)
los doltons - horizontes perdidos (ve vacaiones con)
los holy's - luces de ginza (45)
the motivations - motivate (sleazy surf)
kenny & the fiends - moon shot (wax, board and woodie)
the ventures - zockal (batman theme)

barbacoa - medieval knieval (italian medallion)
born losers - the fight (cycle guitars)
the fathoms - fathomized (fathomless)
molokai - planet of the ood (rack attack 2.0)
treble spankers - vahim (hasheeda)
el fossil - manimal farm (escape from crabhorse island)

el ray - those darn kids (the evil mermaid)
the archers - rise of the megalodon (7"s and stuff)
the mutants - caligula (voodoo blues)
the abstracts - bo-gumbo (45)
y niwl - undegpump (y niwl album)

los siderals - virgenes del sol (45)
kertuaki - pasvarstyk, antela (instrumental version) (?)
travelers of tyme - surf enchantress of ni'ihau 1950 (travelers of tyme)
the dukes - legend of glass mountain (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)

arno de cea - honi (aloha from cestas)
switch trout - maudie (7")
wild sammy & the royaltones - wild jet beach (speed crazy)
the invisible surfers - hey you beg for mercy (till that day)
hawaii samurai - ali baba (the octopus incident)
el supernaut - walking the concrete pig (plays half dead)
thee cormans - surf shack of doom (hallowwen record w/ sound effects)
robotmonkeyarm - kill the cutie (robotmonkeyarm (part two))
Man...or Astro-Man? - engines of difference (eeviac: operational index and reference guide)
king beez - race with the devil (deathproof vol. 1)
ghoul - blood on the street (hang ten)

Post date: 08/18/2014 - 07:53

Most of the second half of the show was taken up by Blood Urchin, so it looks a little short here

the woggles - los angeles no niseimaturi (tempo tantrum)
the ramblin ambassadors - celia ann (vista cruiser county squire)
los wet guitars - el barco (majestic)
the sentinals - latin soul (sunset beach)
the impacts - revellion (wipe out)

the blazers - the masked grandma (wax, board and woodie)
PJ & The Galaxies - wild goose (the south bay surf bands)
los shains - guau guau a go go (45)
freddie king - texas oil (45)
travis wammack - fire fly (45)
Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - shake and stomp (king of the surf guitar)
los zany's - sellado con un beso (45)

Man...or Astro-Man? - theme from eeviac (eeviac: operational index and reference guide)
outer space heaters - escape velocity (desolate surf)
camarada nimoy - a fantastica biki de hofmann (camarada nimoy lp)
the kustard kings - vampcamp (blam!)

the 427's - night of the living surf (surf noir)
the torquays - rescue at mavericks (live) (return engagement)
the fathoms - rockabilly surfer (fathomless)
al casey - the hearse (surfin' hootenanny)
the gary edwards combo - africa (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
los holy's - holy's psicodelicos (45)

Dex Romweber Duo - gurdijeff girl (is that you in the blue)
the mutants - move along! (voodoo blues)
the reigning monarchs - thuggery (black sweater massacre)

Blood Urchin!

molokai - double rack attack (rack attack 2.0)
El Ray - Justin Case


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