Tito y sus Supersonicos release Popular vol 1-4

Tito y sus Supersonicos - Popular vol 1-4

The Supersonicos have a project going: every month they release two EPs full of covers of Uruguayan music until they get to 10 EPs.

Now right off the bat, I know nothing of the music of Uruguay, so all of these songs are fresh to me and essentially their own. But I think that would be the case even if I did know these songs. They've got a great sound on these that seamlessly wanders between surf, flamenco, spaghetti western, and something all of their own. And maybe some more traditional Uruguayan sounds, I wouldn't know. Closest touchstones I can think of: The Good The Bad but more laid back, Dead Combo but not nearly as sad, maybe Friends of Dean Martinez. In any case, I absolutely love it, and these have been on heavy rotation in the past week.

All of them are free downloads, just go and grab 'em all and listen to them in a bunch. Looking forward to hearing the rest of this series.


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