Thee Sturgeons release Freshwater Freakout EP

Thee Sturgeons - Freshwater Freakout EP

This looks like the debut EP from Minnesota's Thee Sturgeons, and they have a lot of fun with it. The most straight-forward surf is "Giant Squid Attack" which already has some fun tradeoffs between guitar parts, but tracks like "Sand Dune" is where I think they're really coming from. Surrounding its middle-eastern flair, is a surprisingly loud fuzzy bass bubbling into a weirdo bellydancing beat with farfisa hovering all around. "Kimchi Gammi" takes that same off-kilter dance groove to a more tiki Pet-Soundsy setting, but even that gets delightfully-rudely interrupted by some rude fuzz guitar. This is a group where I hear no heirarchy between instruments, and somehow it all stays together for something not only listenable but fresh.

Free download on bandcamp and worth your time!


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