Sys Malakian releases Drifting With The Tide

Sys Malakian - Drifting With The Tide

So while I've highlighted albums on this stie, I didn't pay much attention to the solo work of that band's guitarist Sys Malakian. Drifting With The Surf leaves the chicha influence behind and sticks with a pretty trad surf sound. There's a good amount of variety, though even on the faster tracks I never feel like it gets aggressive. Sort of a rainy-day bedroom surf. Which is funny because he covers a rainy-day bedroom band with the Strokes' 12:51. I'm thinking Phantom Surfers without the lo-fi and a touch more drip to that guitar sound.

Sys is making CD copies that are due to come out on the 22nd. Maybe best to watch the for that. But he has several options for digital purchases and streaming (which don't include Bandcamp this time!)


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