Skurkarna release In the Web of Villainy

skurkarna - in the web of villainy

You (may) have heard of "Crime Jazz" but have you heard any "Crime Rock"?

Skurkarna play rough and tumble instro tunes with clips from noir and crime movies interspersed throughout. Very seedy. For English speakers scratching their heads at the name, I've gathered from the internet that Skurkarna is the plural of Skurk, which is Swedish slang for a villain or scoundrel.

Currently this one is available from a on vinyl. Currently no US distributor, though I've been told there's a bandcamp release on the way. Should I trust them when they say that? How can I trust a band of thugs? But I don't have a choice in this case.

Meanwhile, I've found this track that appears to be off the LP

And you can also check out thier older material on


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