Shark Attack release Chum Punch 10"

Shark Attack - Chum Punch

New Orleans’ instro scene is a weird one but as of lately a surprisingly active one. We’ve seen releases from surf punks , the au naturale and the unnatural in just the span of a few months. Shark Attack’s debut 10” is more firmly planted in capital S Surf Guitar than any of them, though they certainly like to subvert it as well.

“Shark Fiction” is Misirlou that certainly doesn’t take the Dick Dale approach, turning it into a creeping, ominous menace. There are some other creative takes on familiar numbers: “Gorbashark” finds its way into a hip-shakin’ Tetris theme and “Stingray’s Van” is a rough & tumble take on Caravan (I only just now got the connection with the name).

Shark Attack has a great energy live though half of these show their moodier side. But when it slows it’s not a snooze, keeping things interesting with changes in rhythm and textures. It’s a band where each member has a distinct, noticeable contribution to the composition, and it’s great to listen and pick it apart like that.

The best way to get this one is their . I’ll be spinnin’ records! But for those that can’t you can order the (murky blood-red) vinyl on bandcamp.


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