The Razorblades release New Songs for the Weird People

The Razorblades - New Songs for the Weird People

The Razorblades have been a staple of Germany's instro scene for well over a decade now and I believe this is their fifth LP. Since I hadn't heard a full Razorblades record since Twang Machine in 2009, I was wondering whether they had changed things up a bit, especially since their video for this album featured a pretty significant amount of vocals.

No worries. This is still the same Razorblades, churning out 17 tracks of high-energy instrumentals. "Rock 'n Roll" Jet Set's vocals make it the anomoly of the bunch, the rest instrumental once you get past their goofy song introductions (the goofiest being "Smartphone Party"). The Razorblades' sound is really pretty unique though not all that strange. It's not about reverb, fuzz, not even really twang, it's just fast and bubbly with a bit of a punk attitude. That's not to say it's all the same: there's faster ones, slower ones, ska influence on some, one that seems to be a tribute to Sonic Youth (I don't really hear it in the music), but their signature is written all over each. That lighthearted, bouncy sound has got to be a lot of fun live too.

There are several ways to get this one. They've got CDs and LPs available . You can grab a digital copy or a .


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