Playlist 9-29-2014

the swiv-o-matics - the return of the fez men (the return of the fez men)
louie and the louies - backfire (hipbone slim vs sir bald)
kimmo kalaja & friends - Gone With the Sun (Surf Punk)
the tornados - Maleguena (Beyond the Surf!)
The Routes - Hotwired (Instrumentals)

Tony, Vic and Manuel - 319 La Cienega (A Go-Go Hollywood Night Life)
the journeymen - work out (rare surf the south bay bands)
the centurians - surfin' at mazatlan (cowabunga! the surf box)
the routers - pipeline (a-ooga!!!)
the rumblers - intersection (it's a gas!)

the bills - apollo creed (striaght from the gutter)
wild sammy and the royaltones - echo rocket 66 (speed crazy)
skurkarna - dishonorable profession (a crimewave escapade)
the sand devils - well of souls (the sand devils)
the halibuts - skinny dip (gnarly)
husky & the sandmen - return to ground zero (ridin the wild surf)

seks bomba - jet city (operation bomba)
Laika and the Cosmonauts - tantrum (the amazing colossal band)
the quiets - song of delilah (the many faces of the quiets)
the evanstones - nurf (there are no words)

the tiki creeps - green slime are coming (invaders from beyond the sound barrier)
the good the bad - 27 (from 018 to 033)
demoni - black lagoon (surf city of the dead)
ghastly ones - attack of the robot atomico (a-haunting we will go-go)
kill, baby... kill! - Love Theme For a Twisted Mind (corridor x)

jan davis - boss machine - 45
the skylights - elaine-twist (suomalaisia rautalankaaanityksia)
the barons - cossack (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
the tempests - lemon lime (strummin mental volume 2)
takeshi terauchi & the blue jeans - soran bushi (let's go eleki bushi)
duane eddy - stalkin' (have twangy guitar will travel)

the abominable showmen - 26 alpha (the abominable showmen)
hawaii samurai - proud to be a cryptic surfer (the octopus incident?)
Man...or Astro-Man? - super rocket rumble (Deluxe men in space)
ramblin' ambassadors - cupcakes di milo (vista cruiser county squire)
arno de cea - shore breaking a-go-go (Surf it up)
the volcanics - Trick Shot (the lonely one)
invisible surfers - los pilotos estan muertos (till that day)
beware the dangers of a ghost scorpion! - Black Crescent (Blood Drinkers Only)
The Protons - The Explanatory Gap (out of phase)


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