Playlist! 9-25-23

The Kilaueas - Surfin' the EXOSPHERE (Get Your Stomping Exploding Eruptions with The Kilaueas)
The Razerbills - Rossito's Revenge (Omniscient Omnipotent Omnipresent)
The Stingers - On the Move (No Stopping!)
The Rhino Chasers - Can of Worms (Here Come the Rhino Chasers)
The Invisible Surfers - 3:30 Am (Straight from Hell)

Various Artists - The Truant (Lost Legends of the Surf Guitar)
The Rhythm Rockers - Rendezvous Stomp (Soul Surfin')
The Wailers - Tough Bounce (The Fabulous Wailers)
The Sting Rays - One Mo' Gin (Get a Board!)
Johnny & The Hurricanes - Beanbag (Remastered) (Johnny & The Hurricanes - Platinum Edition)
Ahab & The Wailers - Neb's Tune (Born in the U.K., Vol. 4)

Antisocial Spaguetti Club - Majestic 12 (La muerte del surf, Vol.1)
Os Brutus - Surfista Caolho (Arquivos 2013 - 2023)
The Cosmic Wrays - Codename: Longboard (Blast On, Blast Off!)
The Meteoroids - Checkpoint Chavez (Mr. Marvin | Checkpoint Chavez)
Fuegovic - Gertrude (Tumbleweed)

De Surfures - Reverberating Pulse (single)
El Capitan & The Reluctant Sadists - Cycloptic Goat (The Satanic Surf Sounds of)
Atomicos - The Gal from C.A.S.B.A.H. (Fins Up!)
The Routes - What Do I Get? (Reverberation Addict)
The Frigidaires - Draggin' (Play It Cool)

The Surfrajettes - Salty Sister (Roller Fink)
Man or Astro-Man? - Sadie Hawkins Atom Bomb (Radio Scotland 1994 - EP)
Space PsychoTropic Plank-tone - Galaxies Twins (It Came From Space)
Frankie and The Pool Boys - Moorea Mon Amour (The Wet Season)
The Huntington Cads - The Rattler (Big Guitars, Western Style)

Dome La Muerte E.X.P. - Sweet Littlefeather (El Santo)
Talisman - Shareni (Grandes Misterios)
The Phantom Four - Kyma (El Sonido Exótico de Phantom Four)
The Invaders - Shockwave (7")

Tiki Bombs - Killer Surf (Primitive Surf Music)
The Treblemakers - Fast Food (Flippin the Bird)
The Wangs - No Brain (On Target!)
Colt Cobra - Blood Beach (Split: Gasolines X Colt Cobra)
Evil Waves - Tusk (Despotic Machines)
Arno De Cea And The Clockwork Wizards - Grand cohot (Bug Terminal)
Demon Vendetta - X-Tro Blues (Guardians of the Bitter Sea)
One Drink And Other Lies - South of Hana (The Decline of Spaghetti Western Civilization)
The Desolate Coast - The Wrong Kind of Thursday (But the Right Kind of Thursnight) (Without A Planet)


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