Playlist! 8-21-23

The Krontjong Devils - Gotcha (On Tour!!!)
The Mobsmen - Chunkje (Scelerats Syndicate)
The Coffin Daggers - Namida No Jujiro (Eleki Album)
Barbacoa - Pharoah's Camaro (Pharoah's Camaro)
The Aquamarines - Inside Neptune (Off the Radar)

Los Jaguar's - Leyenda India (45)
Los Temerarios - Jala Jala (Sonido Ambiental)
The New Dimensions - Deuces and Eights (Deuces and Eights)
The Shutdowns - Four In The Floor (Crazy 'Bout An Automobile)
Davie Allan & The Arrows - Devil's Angels Theme (Cycle Delic Sounds)
Les Guitares du Diable - Galaxie (Cyclone! Gallic Guitars a Go-Go)
The Ventures - Walk Don't Run '64 [Live In Japan 1965] (Walk Don't Run '64 [Live In Japan 1965])

The Ventures - Second Sun (New Space)
Mark Malibu & the Wasagas - Fireball 407 (Wasaga Haunted Hotrod Beach Party)
The Surf Junkies - Dirty Mac (Stranger Danger)
Atomic Drag - Atomic Beach Party (Atomic Beach Party b/w Drag or Astro-drag?)
Thalasses - Ape Love (Music to Battle Apes By)
The Surf Hermits - When Waves Collide (Road Trip)

The Surfrajettes - Roxy Roller (Roller Fink)
The Routes - Spooks in Space (Surf You Next Tuesday 3)
Tuareg - Enfermeraaaaaaaaa! (Crash)
P Soler & Le Monx - Baa ja jammming! (Burning Hot Wild Waves)

Wave Electric - Margaritas by the Shore (Wave Electric)
Los Frenéticos - El Mapa y el Territorio (El Sonido Que Perdura)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Rad Barrels (You Can't Handle…)
Laika & the Cosmonauts - Six Seconds in Dallas (Instruments of Terror)
Bevel Emboss - Epic (Celluloid)
Bongo King - El Conquistador (Operation Latin Surf)

Charif Megarbane - 3aks el Seir (Marzipan (Habibi Funk 023) (Bonus Edition))
Japanese Television - Bumble Rumble (Space Fruit Vineyard)
Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio - Novemberkåsan (Ljudet)
The Ventures - Endless Dream (Super Psychedelics)

El Capitan & The Reluctant Sadists - By the Deceit of Devils (The Satanic Surf Sounds of)
El Supernaut - Icebreaker (Plays Half Dead)
Trash Island - Freaks From Planet Vegas (Hot Rod Sunset)
Estrume'n'tal - Baguncela (Neander'n'tal)
Terror Waves - Esquizofrenia (Terror Waves EP)
The Apemen - Baha-Ree-Ba (7+ Inches of Love)
Jon & The Nightriders - Hurricane - Live (Stampede!)
The Hangees - Booger Attack (The Hangees)
Monster Pete & The Chiefs - Del Surf (Serpentine)
Long Boards - Del Surf (Gnarly Surf)
The Necronomikids - Surf Thrash Assasin (Necronomikids)
The Tourmaliners - Con Permiso (Surfidia)


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