Playlist 8-18-2014

This one was an absolute blast

the volcanos - krakatoa (surf quake)
the surfites - cleopatra (big pounder)
thee andrews surfers - scandinavian action (rip off)
tsunamish - strato party (strato party)
the surf zombies - reverb shake (lust for rust)

the night owls - stompin' (45)
the revels - the monkey bird (intoxica!!! the best of)
the rhythm rockers - madness (strummin mental part 1)
d-rail - the flintales (las vegas grind part 3)
the hondells - the sidewinder (the hondells)
PJ & the Galaxies - Ramrod (rare surf the south bay bands)

los belking's - gigante de vidio (los belking's)
los doltons - horizontes perdidos (ve vacaiones con)
los holy's - luces de ginza (45)
the motivations - motivate (sleazy surf)
kenny & the fiends - moon shot (wax, board and woodie)
the ventures - zockal (batman theme)

barbacoa - medieval knieval (italian medallion)
born losers - the fight (cycle guitars)
the fathoms - fathomized (fathomless)
molokai - planet of the ood (rack attack 2.0)
treble spankers - vahim (hasheeda)
el fossil - manimal farm (escape from crabhorse island)

el ray - those darn kids (the evil mermaid)
the archers - rise of the megalodon (7"s and stuff)
the mutants - caligula (voodoo blues)
the abstracts - bo-gumbo (45)
y niwl - undegpump (y niwl album)

los siderals - virgenes del sol (45)
kertuaki - pasvarstyk, antela (instrumental version) (?)
travelers of tyme - surf enchantress of ni'ihau 1950 (travelers of tyme)
the dukes - legend of glass mountain (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)

arno de cea - honi (aloha from cestas)
switch trout - maudie (7")
wild sammy & the royaltones - wild jet beach (speed crazy)
the invisible surfers - hey you beg for mercy (till that day)
hawaii samurai - ali baba (the octopus incident)
el supernaut - walking the concrete pig (plays half dead)
thee cormans - surf shack of doom (hallowwen record w/ sound effects)
robotmonkeyarm - kill the cutie (robotmonkeyarm (part two))
Man...or Astro-Man? - engines of difference (eeviac: operational index and reference guide)
king beez - race with the devil (deathproof vol. 1)
ghoul - blood on the street (hang ten)


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