Playlist! 8-15-22


3D - Razor Ridge (feat. Michael Purkhiser) (3-D (feat. Michael Purkhiser) - EP)
Blackball Bandits - Green Beach (The Cursed Island)
The Wave Chargers - Kyokunomi (Caravelle)
The Mach IV - Big Foot (Eleki!)
Y Niwl - Undegpump (Y Niwl)

Trux - Work Out (45)
The Astronauts - Snap It (Wild On the Beach (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
The Check-Mates - The Happy Choo-Choo (45)
Johnny brown - Shakey (45)
Torquetts (Who's Got The) Tortillas (El Vampiro: El Paso Rock, Vol. 8)
The Ventures - Fugitive (Fugitive)
The Sidewalk Sounds - The Loser's Bar (Born Losers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))

Thee Orbits - Space Beach (Unknown Hits from Outer Space !!)
Mayor of Donutville - Singing Sand (Heracleion)
Night Zoo - Rocket Worm (Cold War Classics)
Katatonics - Spy vs. Spy (On Toure from Canada!)
Western Preacher - Thunder Fire (WESTERN PREACHER)

The Strings Aflame - Barbarella (Pyre)
The Volcanics - Nowhere Special (Concrete Carver)
Martin Cilia - Diamonds (An Evening in Nivram)
The Rumtones - rt boogie (The Rumtones)
The Bradipos IV - Cocaine Cowboys (The Bradipos IV)

OK Kings - The Bay Of Chicks (It's OK)
Los Frenéticos - New Kind of Beat (El Sonido Que Perdura)
The Barbwires - Waimanalo (Searider)
Laika & the Cosmonauts - O.C.C.C. (Oahu Community Correctional Center) (The Amazing Colossal Band)
The Tikiyaki Orchestra - Mana Pacifica (Aloha, Baby !)

Les Robots - The 10,000 Volt Ghost Strikes Three Times (Exploring the Boundaries of the Multiverse)
The Unseen Hand - Sharp Suits, Sharp Knives (City of Brass)
The Breakers - Vodka Sonic (Techno Tonic) (Strange Shores)

Wave Electric - A Song for Dick (Wave Electric)
Bitchin Rail Banger - You've Met Your Match (Shacked)
The Routes - Mongolian Chop (Shake Five)
Jonny and the Shamen - Smoke! (Anthology of Espionage)
Dave And The Pussies - Mower (Monsters of Surf)
The Aquaholics - Superbee! (Psycho Satanic Surf Party)
The Chemist and the Acevities - Fluorine (The Anarcho Surf Laboratory Co.)
The Tiki Creeps - Buzz Bomb (Invaders from Beyond the Sound of Surf)
Surf-a-tomica - Resacón en el espigón (Auténtico del Líbano)


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