Playlist 7/20/15 - MOON DAY

Celebrating the anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. Hope y'all had a great moon day!

the dangermen - moon probe (meet the men of danger)
the tomorrowmen - phistful of photons (it's about time!)
the ventures - war of the satellites (ventures in space)
the marketts - out of limits (out of limits!)
jon & the nightriders - xl-3 (stampede!)

The Phantoms - XL-3 (surf age nuggets)
Paul Revere and the Raiders - orbit (the spy) - 45
moon men - Other Side Of The Moon (missing links volume 3)
The What Four - gemini 4 - 45
the galaxies - journey to the stars (best of twist-a-rama)

man... or astroman? - F=GmM(moon)/R^2 (your weight on the moon)
krontjong devils - moon relay (action!)
the surfites - moon buggy (escapades in space)
supertones - moonshot part 2 (surf fever 2000)
rondo hatton - blast off (breaking the sound barrier)

john anthony & the saturn expedition - theme for apollo 11 - 45
dean hightower - moon rocket (twangy with a beat)
the atlantics - moon man (the complete cbs recordings)
the satellites - bodacious - 45
roger lavern & the microns - moon rocket (vampires, cowboys, spacemen and spooks)

the rocket motors - giant leap '69 (back to the moon!)
laika & the cosmonauts - floating (The Amazing Colossal Band)
the astros - Space Walk (surfers mood vol 4)
the vistas - moon relay (surf-age nuggets)

101 strings - trippin on lunar 07 (Astro Sounds From Beyond Year 2000)
joe meek and the blue men - orbit around the moon (i hear a new world)
the pluto walkers - like stars, like dust (the throwaway age)
pasquale & the lunar ticks - moon madness (jungle exotic vol. 2)
lenny and the thundertones - moon madness (surfer's mood vol iv)

spaceguards - pluto (multivision)
bitch boys - mach one (behind the hound dog wails)
the dead rocks - sonic stars (one million dollar surf band)
the windows - xl-3 (promotional)
the nebulas - falling out of orbit (it's go time!)
wild sammy & the royaltones - echo rocket 66 (speed crazy)
necronomikids - Rocket Man (necronomikids)
space cossacks - beyond the third star (tsar wars)
the infra-men - rocket rogachova (faster, giant squid! kill! kill!)
moonbase - above us only sky (creation myths)
outer space heaters - escape velocity (desolate surf)


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