Playlist! 2-7-22

The Krontjong Devils - I feel Love (Music From the Stars)
The Beach Combers - A Maldição de Montezuma (Beach Attack)
Ventura Dives - Cherry Pie Popsicle (Ventura Dives)
el ray - on the way home (transitions)
langhorns - slipstream (mission exotica)
the masonics - runaway goblin (outside looking in)

Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - midnight surfer (outer limits)
jan davis - run for your live (boss guitar)
doc bagby - the spider (45)
the flairs - brazil (45)
jackie lee - happy vacation (45)
the hondells - haulin' honda (the complete motorcycle collection)
the thunderbolts - I'm Sorry (45)

stories from shamehill - il sorpasso (return of the space mariachis)
draculina - the stranger (shadowy bites)
Unkle Kook - Seven Surf (Surf Beat)
The Mings - Chinese Burn (Can't Win)
The Razerbills - Death Ridde 65 (Omniscient Omnipotent Omnipresent)
Spindrift - Jackhammer (Classic Soundtracks Vol. 3)

The Del Sotos - Moscow River Coast (The Del Sotos)
Gemini 13 - Temperance (Gemini 13)
magic number - snakecharmer (ampersand)
atomic mosquitos - dusty dusty riding nugget nugget nugget (meltdown)
the fathoms - the palomino (fathom this!)

bang! mustang! - russian roulette (surfin' NSA)
mach kung fu - three colors (japanese groupsound)
the metalunas - monkey knife fight (interstellar surf party)
the bluebottles - stink face (poolside with the bluebottles)
the tormentos - the impostor (Grab Your Board!)

los bitchos - tripping at the party (let the festivities begin)
par avion - a patricia (par avion variety)
full load of king - cocktail moon (hula blue aloha cocktail)
tito y sus supersonicos - progresivo 70 (popular vol 6)
The Cosmic Sand Dollars - Insertion (Let's Go Insertion!)

Bitchin' Rail Banger - Surf Time (Shacked)
mofos - enrico diablo (six pack performance)
the irradiates - dark matter (revenge of the plants)
demoni - defcon 4 (dawn of demoni)
tje dracula factory - the dracula factory stomp (the dracula factory... stomp)
Johnny Carbonaras - hiastos (johnny carbonaras)
man... or astro-man? - 10 Years After World War 4 (made from technetium)
surfterraneous - orion (transmission a venus)
lone rider - lone rider (chapter one)
Davie Allan & the Arrows - ghost riders in the sky (moving right along)


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