Playlist! 1-29-22

Unveiling the Gremmy winners for best Modern Surf record today.


Eddie Angel - Thunder (Guitar Party (Re-mastered))
The Aqua Barons - Spy Romance (Extreme Guitar Conditions)
The Els A-Phonics - Albufera Stomp (Rumble at Waikiki – The John Blair Anthology)
Jon & The Nightriders - Catalina (Stampede!)
The Mobsmen - Lazurite (Fraternitas Aurum Factorem)

Les Versatiles - Ouragan (Les versatiles)
Les Fantomes - La Shlap (Loop de Loop)
Les Jaguars - Course au bonheur (Les Jaguars)
The Corvairs - Movin and Groovin (Mashed Potatoes Time with)
The Enchanters 4 - Like Tuff (Surfin' in the Midwest Vol. 2)
The Lively Ones - Heads Up (LP Version) (Surf City)

Messer Chups - Dark Side of Paradise (Dark Side of Paradise)
The Seismics - Lost Summer (Lost Summer)
The Imperial Surfers Meets the Hunkie Dories - Yeah Yeah Cocktail Party (The Imperial Surfers Meet the Hunkie Dories)
Martin Cilia - Riding the Wave (Dawn of the Surf Guitar)
Black Flamingos - Septima Patrulla (Septima Patrulla)

The Mystery Men? - The Conjuror (Firewalkers)
Chairmen Of The Boards - Moonlight Beach (Moonlight Beach)
Sant Anna Bay Coconuts - Point Mugu (Harbor City Surfing)
Bloodshot Bill - The Sludge (Songs From the Sludge)
The Space Agency - Catch the Spy (Galactic Guitars)

HALIBEARS - Lucky Winner (Helsinki Twister)
The Desolate Coast - 1000 Times or More (Without A Planet)
Supertubos - Cuarta Ola (The Fourth Drive)
WJLP - Snake Charmer (Cocktails for One)
mark malibu & the wasagas - Ghost Hunter (Wasagas Dance Haunted Hotrod Beach Party)
The Bomboras - Mockingbird (Songs From Beyond!)
The Bomboras - Homage To Dave Pilgrim (Songs From Beyond!)

Messer Chups - UFOnica (Visiting the Skeleton in the Closet)
The Del-Vipers - Raiders Reef (Los Del-Vipers)
The Revomatics - Good Nice Day (Nocturnica)
Toro Jones - Night of The Fly (Toro Jones)
Slacktone - Tidal Wave (Surf Crazy - Original Surfin' Hits)
Betasurfers - Betaman (land beyond)
Toxic Riders - Doctores De La Muerte (Doctores De La Muerte)
The Side Effects - Papatuanuku (South Pacific Surf Trash)
Mary Ann Hawkins - Daring Trappers (Mary Ann Hawkins)
The Del Roswells - Set a Course (Martian Girls are Easy)
The Unnaturals - Sahara Stomp (Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon)


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