OK, here's every damn surf record released in 2015 that I know of


While I may have made release writeups for most of these (which is kind of blowing my mind right now), it's really cool to see a huge list to get a good picture of just how alive instro rock&roll still is today. So here's what I was able to dig up. I'm sure I've missed a few, please point them out. There's no meaningfulness to the order, and articles that aren't linked didn't get a writeup (no meaningfulness there either, sometimes I just didn't get around to it).


Which I'm (generously) defining as 6 songs or more unless the band explicitly calls it an EP

EPs and 7"s

This includes anything between 2 and 5 songs or anything that calls itself a 7" or EP. There are a few bands that release songs one-by-one. Unfortunately, those aren't included, it's hard to keep track of them on that level.



  • Link Wray - Rumble/The Swag
  • The Del-Vipers - Terror of the Del-Vipers (downloadable in 2014, CD in 2015)
  • The 'Verb - Only 'Verb Can Break Your Heart (downloadable in 2013, vinyl in 2015)
  • Watang! - Miss Wong (vinyl in 2015)
  • Surf Zombies - It's a ... THING (vinyl in 2015)
  • Urban Surf Kings - Snowman Rumble (was out of print)


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