The Men in Gray Suits release Panic at the Pier

The Men in Gray Suits - Panic at the Pier

Oh boy, this is a conundrum. Maybe you've heard of The Men in Gray Suits... but maybe you're thinking of . Hashtag SurfRockProblems.

This one, which spell Gray with an Ay and use a "The", hail from Montreal (rather than Hawaii), and have given us 13 energetic surf tracks swimming in reverb. Whereas many simply drop the reverb in as tradition, TMIGS do a great job of creating a mood and a greater sense of space with it while still keeping an upbeat beach-friendly manner. While the lead guitarwork on this is great, and I especially like how it mixes with the rhythm guitar, there's some really outstanding saxophone work on tracks like "Surfing the Saint Lawrence".

I think this is digital only. Grab it from bandcamp.


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