Megatronadores release Wanglen

Megatronadores - Wanglen

Argentina's Megatronadores impressed me with their first EP Wedwedn. It had a great wide open and free-floating feeling to it while still keeping a significant heft and drive. I had a feeling that with their follow-up they would only expand and try new things, and sure enough the result is a expansive, extremely creative work that makes for a wonderous listen even if its tether to surf is pretty thin.

Wanglen is a full LP this time and feels like a big conceptual work. Its opening track "Condornauta" immediately tips you off to the trajectory with some fuzzy noise before some nice surf-style guitars drop in. Don't get too comfortable though, because it doesn't take long for this track to explore some more post/art-rock avenues. This is a great introduction to the rest of the album. It does lose a bit of the weight and surf sensibilities from the EP and replaces it with a lot more atmospherics -- all of it very well employed.

It's a pleasure to listen to, and rather than asking "does it work?" (it does) I'm really just asking "is this appropriate material for this website?". I go back and forth. Towards the end of the album it gets a bit more bite ("Cheruve Punky Reverb", "Bandolero Andino"). Honestly, it doesn't really matter. Let me just put it this way: did you like The Tomorrowmen's "Futourism"? This is a similar work and of the same caliber.

But let me make this even simpler for you. It's a free bandcamp download. Just listen to the damn thing. It'll probably take a few listens to really take in, but you can definitely get lost in the worlds it creates.


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