Let's choose the best 100 Records of the 2010s


Surf remains alive and well, perhaps even thriving in its own way. However, many people's knowledge of the genre doesn't extend far past the Pulp Fiction boom. I want your help to show people what great music has been made in recent years by highlighting the top 100 albums.

All you need to do is send an email with as many records as you want. You can rank them if you'd like, but you don't have to. You can send another email if you think of more, you can list as many or as few as you want. You can absolutely just send one and send more later.

Don't think too hard! Ask yourself: What surf records do I keep revisiting? What records made a big impact on me? Go with your gut!

I don't know how long I'll keep submissions open, but at least until the end of the April. I'll update this page when it closes.

Smaller details:

Ranking will not be decided merely by votes. A simple poll invites people to start "vote for us" campaigns, and I don't want to encourage that. Furthermore, great records aren't necessarily by the most well-known bands. I wouldn't ask for your input if it wasn't valued (and trust me, I don't *want* to personally rank 100 albums), but like good ol' American Democracy, your votes count but will be manipulated by an unseen hand.

Please feel free to write about why you love a certain record. All I'm asking for is a list, but I'd love to include quotes here and there in the final write-up.

I intend to limit each band to one record. It'll make the playing field a lot more level, and it will be a little easier for unfamiliar people to make choices on what to listen to. If you're submitting a list, please don't limit a band to one album unless you only like one, hopefully the votes will decide. Or I will.

My definition of this decade is any record released in a year that starts in 201. So that includes 2010, does not include 2020.

I don't know how long I'll keep submissions open, but at least until the end of the April. I'll update this page when it closes.

This will be heavily skewed towards LPs, but if an EP is important to you, list it.

Don't think too hard about whether it's surf or not. Hopefully many votes will smooth that out.


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