Introducing the New Releases calendar

When I first made this website I felt like I had to actually have some content that would make visiting worthwhile other than just playlists. So I thought "why not share all the surf music I've been finding"? I could let people know about every single new release that I found and give them the gist of it. I didn't want them to be reviews, I didn't have the heart to get serious about when something kinda sucked, just descriptions... and if I really liked it I would try to be extra gushy with my prose.

Fast forward to today. I have no idea how the hell I was able to be so dilligent about that. I know that I liked challenging myself to write so much about such a limited topic as surf music, but now I sometimes struggle to keep up with the stuff I actually like! But I felt like I was neglecting what I had worked so hard to build and was dropping the ball.

So here's my compromise. where I've been simply creating a calendar event for every release I can find and linking to them if you click on the event. It's on the sidebar of nearly every page on this site. It's quick and easy for me to update and it actually helps me remember releases on the horizon that are announced far in advance. I don't love the implementation of it -- I spent a good amount of time trying to get it to show the previous 2 weeks as well as the future but I don't think google's embedding feature can handle it. If you know of a more elegant way to do this in Drupal, I'm all ears. But in the meantime you can just click back on the calendar to see what you might have missed.

There's an upside to this: while I still hesitate to do full-on reviews and I probably still don't have the audacity to write anything nasty, I'll likely only be writing about things that I actually enjoy instead of *everything*. That doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it if I didn't write about it, but you can now treat every new article about a release as an actual recommendation.

I also want to put out there that if you plan on releasing an album I'd love to put it up on that calendar. Of course, I'd love it even more if you sent a copy when you can, but that's certainly not required.


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