Here's every surf/instro release from 2022 that I could find.

Bookmark this. When somebody asks you "is anybody even making new surf music?" show them this and laugh.

2022 was a great year for surf, with those of us following on the bleeding edge finding very few lulls in great releases. In fact, more often I felt overwhelmed by how many there were.

To understand this list, there's a few things you should know. Some of these rules may seem arbitrary but you have to have some guidelines to make a list like this.

  • Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement. It's simply everything I could find that I could reasonably call surf. Some more details about that follow.
  • Bold stuff means means I've mentioned it on this website. That probably does count as an endorsement. However, there are plenty of un-bolded things in this list I would endorse as well, I just didn't get a chance to write about it.
  • Releases must be at least 50% instrumental.
  • I did not include single song releases. It just gets out of hand. Minimum two songs.
  • My definition of an LP is 8 songs or over 25 minutes. Less than that enters the mini-LP/EP gray area that I leave undefined.
  • Single-artist compilations are Greatest Hits etc -- releases from a band that do not include unreleased material.
  • Not everybody has the same definition of surf, but generally if you're mostly instrumental, use guitars, and call yourself surf, you're in.

This is never a complete list of surf releases, I always miss some (and I want to thank Uwe and Dorthy for helping screen it before release). PLEASE DO leave a comment or if you notice something is missing.


EPs and Mini-LPs

Compilations & Single-Artist Compilations



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