Els A-Phonics release With Friends

The A-Phonics - With Friends

Oh man, this one flew under my radar, looks like it was released in late October, but I want it! Els A-Phonics have released some really upbeat, creative (and well produced) surf and they've teamed up with some of the best: Mike Barbwire, Nokie Edwards, Deke Dickerson, Jon Blair and others.

Here's the tracklist

Side A:

- El Torcal : With Fernando Parde, Dani Nel.lo

- Albufera Stomp  : With John Blair

- Omet Way

- The Whisky A Go-Go Riders

Side B:

- Guitar Party : With Deke Dickerson, Mike Barbwire, Johnny Bartlett, Mario Cobo, Dani Nel.lo

- Bull Skull : With Deke Dickerson

- Mandshurian Beat : With Nokie Edwards

- Twisted Joe : With Mike Barbwire

So far I don't know a yankee-friendly place to get this from yet, but if you're willing to pay the shipping , Soundflat.de and Drunkabilly are all carrying it. Here's "Guitar Party" from that album]


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