Doyley and the Twanglords release Twang Solo

Doyley and the Twanglords - Twang Solo

Doyley and the Twanglords is an all-instro pursuit from Diablo Records owner Philip Doyle, who has played guitar for rockabilly and psychobilly bands like Guitar Slingers, Demented Are Go, and The Klingonz. Like many 'billy nuts out there, he's got a penchant for surf as well, and this is a compilation of his instrumental efforts over the last 20 years.

Thoughout these 20 tracks, that rockabilly beat and (predictably) twangin' guitar is probably the most consistenly appearing thread, but there's plenty of Man or Astro-Man style electronic ornaments and even some brass here or there. Owning a recording studio shows through here pretty well too: for a compilation that includes some pretty old tracks, everything is amazingly punchy and (probably not the word I'm looking for but close) lush. For the most part it's all pretty upbeat and moving at a quick tempo, but does have some more chilled tracks including your requisite spaghetti western track.

This is a good one y'all. Supposedly these 20 were cut down from a pool of 40 and I believe it: there aren't too many duds here, and there's a generous enough helping that you're likely to find several favorites.

You can grab a digital download from bandcamp. Vinyl exists, but the pre-order has sold out, so you'll have to see what happens there.


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