Bandcamp Friday Roundup: April 2023

Beach Moonsters - Walk Like a Moonster

Today is Bandcamp Friday which means Bandcamp doesn't take a cut (but Paypal still does) and more money goes to the bands. That makes it a nice time for me to pick out a handful of primo recent surf releases for your spending spree.

Normally these only cover the last month, but this is the first of these that I've done this year between Gremmy Awards, finger surgery, and as I'm writing this, Norovirus, so I'm going to stretch out a little further. The March output wasn't terribly huge anyway -- the big time for surf releases appears to be May if you check out my . Because of the aforementioned ailment, I'm going to try to keep these *very* quick and simple.

One more thing to note: bandcamp's workers recently formed a union. If you want to check that out, .

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Beach Moonsters - Walk like a Moonster

I've been pointing out recently that French surf bands have really been leaning into that loud and aggressive sound -- and the best part about it is they're almost always great. I loved Beach Moonsters' 2019 EP and 2020 single before this, and their first LP sticks to the plan. Great sound with plenty of grit while still sounding very surf, just as focused on fun as they are with noise.

Krontjong Devils - Tocan Surf Super Seco 7"

One of my all-time favorite surf bands released a last year, but I couldn't help but want to hear their more traditional surf sound that they do so well. Guitar is as nice as surf bands get, but also gotta love some of the more creative rhythms and percussion on this!

The Beyonderers - Live in Akron

Great loud and hard-hitting stuff with maybe a bit of Astro-man influence. I've enjoyed their previous LPs and this live record has all the edge you'd want, PLUS three studio singles tacked on to the end, basicalyl an extra EP, all of it for $3.

Waikiki Makaki - Lost Diver EP

Vitaly Yakushyn is from Ukraine and was posting about the situation on the Surfguitar101 forums. Amazingly, a member of the surf band The Razorblades helped his escape and find a home in Germany. SD this recording is a triumph against adversity, but also bittersweet as it is only Vitaly contributing with the other members separated from him. Anyway, five tunes here with some great guitar tone and fun melodies.

Mark Malibu & The Wasagas - Hellbent on Speed EP

The Wasagas' past few EPs have been some of the best work they've ever done. This one has some great grit to their guitar sound, and of course the sound effects of roaring engines add a bit of adrenaline too. Great stuff.

Surf Cult - Beach Noir EP

Fantastic heavy tone and a good savage stomp to it. Ready for an LP from these guys.

Now That's What I Call Surf Vol. 2

Fun surf reimaginings of 90's radio hits. I grew up on this stuff, it's burned into my brain, I love it. They don't take thee easy way out, either, with covers of La Bouche, Aaliyah, Coolio and Shania Twain.

And then if you like that, there's an EP from SPF 1985 for more!

Stein - The Lost Horse

Spaghetti Western songs with surftone and a great mood. Closer to, say, The Hellbenders than Morricone, but with a little extra instrumental arrangement to gussy up these guitar melodies.

The Terrorsurfs - From the Jaws of Hell

This band has gotten scummier, trashier, and more fun with every release.

The Tikiyaki Orchestra - Tropika

Tikiyaki Orchestra are not a surf band, but there are surf members in the band, and they certainly have a bit more pep than Martin Denny. A lot of surf fans love this band, and hopefully you will too.

Robert Johnson and the Punchdrunks - Solna, Texas (1992,2022)

This is one of those bands that I don't need a Best Of compilation for, as I have just about all of their material, but if you're not familiar then you'd ought to be. RJAP started with a super trashy tone and then headed into synthy horror soundtrack territory and this squishes all of that together.

Takeshi Terauchi - 1966-1974

I desperately wish that somebody would just reissue the whole LPs by the biggest name in Eleki, but it's nice to see regardless.


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