Post date: 01/16/2017 - 18:02

I had some fun today, especially in the last half hour

biarritz boys - gaza surf (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
els a-phonics - el torcal (& friends)
spies who surf - destroy all pollution (calling all martians)
the abstinence - surfterraneo (paraiso de excesos)

the continentals - rockinental - 45
the instrumentals - are you nervous? (las vegas grind part 2)
the earthworms - fishtail - 45
the trashmen - on the move (bird call!)
the revels - it's party time - 45
the barons - Whirlwind (hank, bruce, bert, joe, big jim and more)
holidays - desperate - 4

the evanstones - blackout (Music from the last band on earth)
hypnotide - spyscope (landlocked)
dick dale - wedge paradiso (calling up spirits)
the okay-men - boller swing (auf kassette)
bevel emboss - hot in the house (celluloid)
the huntington cads - gonzales (an evening in nivram)

dead man's curve - blacktop blackout (world catastrophe generator)
Os Pontas - mutretas no beco da braguinha (Fuzz Jungle)
the concussions - storm team dave (Newaygo SOund machine)
the galaxy trio - jungle juice (saucers over vegas)

amphibian man - Albatross (waves)
13th magic skull - eta carinae (brave coast wild recordings)
WJLP - chinchilla con queso (Hard Boiled)
dirty fuse - the new victor (Last Wave)

oskar benas - boa bila (hereje del mar)
Mustafa Ozkent - Lorke (Genclik Ile Elele)
slobodan experiment - vlaski (electric surf school)
USSSY - booty dance (Afghan Music House Party)

os brutus - Samoa (Samoa)
paquetá - arruaça (surfadelic dreams)
noskons - surf from the crypt (surf from the crypt)
phantomatics - hearse surfin' (she left her brain at the drive in)
the cavaleros - Jack the Ripper (pistolero (single release))
hypnotzar - Blinded By Fear (cold streams of taiga)
the dead rocks - center of the universe (Live Crash Wild Punk)
johnny carbonaras - hiastos (johnny carbonaras)
the good the bad - 28 (from 018 to 033)
austin transit authority - bock's car (a*t*a)

Post date: 01/09/2017 - 18:19

the razorblades - beach racer (the dark side of the beach)
jon and the nightriders - Catalina (stampede)
the surfdusters - hero of the beach (save the waves)
twang! marvels - runaway from zardoz (prueba del fuego)
the tiki creeps - tiki creepin' (idol worship)

the revels - soft top (45)
the scouts - custer stomp (45)
The Teemates - Nightfall (45)
holidays - dark valley (45)
the tempests - lemon lime (strummin mental vol 4)
the earthworms - Mo' Taters (45)

the evanstones - Nastronaut (Music from the last band on earth)
doctor legume et les surfwerks - el fantasma del surf (four tales of chemistry)
the monterreys - Just for the trill of it (the pharoah)
the quiets - kangaroo walk (the many faces of)
satan's pilgrims - The Rise and Fall of Flingel Blunt (An Evening in Nivram)
Giant Robot Richard - Get off my helicopter (01000101 01010000 00110001)

atomic 7 - chock full o' notes (...gowns by edith head)
link wray and the wraymen - dance contest (white lightning: the lost cadence sessionsd)
x-ray cat trio - rockero fantasma (out for blood)
fabulous wailers - Shanghaied (the original golden crest masters)

The Vice Barons - 9.1 (steel blue moods)
the mullet monster mafia - freshwater (power surf orchestra)
kingargoolas - continuum 4 (tales from the instro zone)
dick dale - esperanza (tribal thunder)
fifty foot combo - I think I shot her (Go Hunting)

camarada nimoy - satelite disidente (camarada nimoy lp)
the space agency - Kaleidoscope (galactic guitars)
evan foster - sequence array (instrumentals)
shoot the pier - Sirens of Sado (Sirens of Sado)

bang! mustang! - Russian Roulette (surfin' n.s.a.)
the swiv-o-matics - too much (the return of the fezmen)
hell-o-tiki - Nostromo (attack of lady octopussy)
the barbwires - wave rebel (7" comp)
the wangs - les anciens presidents (un disque... ... pour surfeur seulement)
the moths - ace vyper (to hell with..)
dinosaur ghost - mandar (dinosaur ghost)
speedball jr. - swimming with the sharks (treble in paradise)
the infra-men - japanese sports car (mercy kill a burning man)
the chemist and the acevities - fluorine (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
the atomic mosquitos - dial "m" for mosquito (Bug Music for Bug People)

Post date: 01/09/2017 - 14:16

Mostly old stuff (classics even!) unless it's brand new stuff from Shoot the Pier or The Evanstones. But I also got some really great 45s in the mail this weekend, so you'll be hearing some of that. Tune in!

Here's last week's playlist

1-2-2017 (2016 Show!)

Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience - veracruz (Meanwhile in Mallorca)
Braidpos IV - Manella Mia (The Partheno-phonic sounds of)
The Necronautics - Modulator (The Necronautics)
Phatlynx - Shawnee (Loosen Your Belt)
bamboogie injections - bog formation (wild dandelion stomping)

the kanaloas - swallow tail (surf a go go)
the concussions - Have Mersey (Newaygo SOund machine)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - a minha menina (Double b-sided single)
Os Pontas - banana boogie (Fuzz Jungle)

fifty foot combo - the maker (fifty foot combo)
Les Tigres du Futur - les motos de la violence (collection illusion sonores vol. 2)
the phantom dragsters - Devil Race (surfin' after death)
The Insanitizers - Rocket Pack (guitar fun)
martin cilia - No Sign of a Pipeline (sleep walk)
seawhorse - bang bang buoy (galaxified)

los venturas - el rey de los cielos (miles high)
Retrofoguetes - Supersonica (Enigmascope: Temas Compostos e Executados Pelos Retrofoguetes)
los cataclismos - surf will tear us apart (el vertigo de las olas)
phonocaptors - better call saul (errata naturae)
Kreeps - vampyre dust (Tales from Grim County)

the volcanics - bullseye (stompin' garage)
the space cossacks - neutron sabre (live supernova)
the intoxicators - Hodad's of Huntington (Easter Eggs on Halloween)
the isotopes - global climax change (overstay their welcome)
moussaka - nadya (yaran)

tito y sus supersonicos - stefanie (popular vol 2)
gasolines - catamarã (jungle surfers)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - night of the jaguar (music form the 6th floor)
holy mountain top removers - Monsieur espionnage (the ones disappearing you)
thee sturgeons - sand dune (freshwater freakout)
odicolon - Black Cat (dracula's dreams)

genki genki panic - werewolf by night (spooky fingers)
the coffin daggers - Wake Up Screaming (aggravatin' rhythms)
The Boogienauts - affinity to infinity and beyond (the boogienauts)
la venganza de san carlos - el lado épico de la vida (no hay olas en marte)
the grave diggers - los campiones del justicio (the grave diggers ep)
Nahuealaizers - perrosaurio (profundidad desconocida)
bande de los apaches - dog fight (bande de los apaches)
the cavaleros - pistolero (pistolero (single release))
hypnotzar - Blinded By Fear (cold streams of taiga)
daikaiju - cocklobster (split 7")
amphibian man - racer (speed power turbo racer)

Post date: 01/02/2017 - 15:24

That's right, every song in today's show was released in 2016. And that's with a lot of good stuff not making the cut. Really excited about this one!

Here's last week's


the surf coasters - fly up (waitin' 4 the surf)
the tremolo beer gut - le jacquet (Under the Covers With...)
the del-vipers - nova (terror of the del-vipers)
bevel emboss - arabic (celluloid)
the charades - kinda kinky (all around the world with)

link wray and the wraymen - hand clapper (link wray and the wraymen)
the de-fenders - drag beat (drag beat)
the rhythm rockers - surfin' at mazatlan (soul surfin')
the lively ones - Goofy Foot (surf rider)
the rustlers - high strung (hank, bruce, bert, joe, big jim & more)

meshugga beach party - hot rod hannukah (seasonal favorites vol 4)
let's go trippin '79 - Brand New Cadillac (100 watts)
trabants - black jack (freakout)
the apollo four - nitro twist (blast off)
y niwl - pedwar (y niwl album)

dustaphonics - twangy batacuda (100% instrumental)
the kilaueas - tentacle stomping (get your stomping eruptions with the kilaeuas)
north shore troubadors - o-ring (original motion picture soundtrack)
phantom surfers - ants in my pants (the great surf crash)
aloha sluts - fledermausmann (live at hotrodded bullfrog)

los plantronics - shawnee (surfing times)
bob moore and the temps - trophy run (dancehall stringbusters)
the hillbilly rockets - exile to planet z (the way way out sound of...)
the swiv-o-matics - vitamin "G" (the return of the fezmen)
the surfin' gorillas - Hang Ten! (surfing hootenanny)

thee sturgeons - kitchi gammi (freshwater freakout)
the phantom four - point bristo (madhur)
trail life - bedroom surf (witchcraft)
empiricals qc - ~mrs. boss (golden beat)
beninghove's hangmen - la girafe (pineapples & ashtrays)

satan's pilgrims - Ben Tanaka (frankenstomp)
jubarte ataca - rogue wave (falso)
hella vader - slew gin fuzz (xviii)
the psyders - pharoah surf (introducing the psyders)
apicultores clandestinos - faixa de gaza (astronauta del campo)
Man? or astro-man? - Rocketship XL-3 (your weight on the moon)
gemini 13 - tiglath pileser (gemini 13)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - Punition Aquatique (surf it up)
bobby's bar - el monstruo "on my truck" (shrunken head familia)
mahatma gangue - cabeca de bagre (surfe destrua)

Post date: 12/26/2016 - 14:40

Today's show....  is not 2016. I'm saving that for next week. Plain ol' show today!

Here's last week's: 12/19/16

Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience - Kashyyyk Beach Party (Meanwhile in Mallorca)
beat tornados - groovus (scandinavian interludes)
Langhorns - the sinner (langhorns)
the falcons - ye merry gentlemen (seasonal favorites vol 4)

The Snow Men - Ski Storm - 45
PJ & the Galaxies - comin' home baby (rare surf vol. 1)
the avalanches - winter evening nocturne (ski surfin')
the new dimensions - the phantom skiier (sleazy surf vol 2)
the ventures - blue christmas (christmas album)

the velmas - surfin' bells (surf guitars rumble)
rat holic - run! run! (wipe out with)
walt lawrence and the crescents - cascade (strummin mental pt 2)

the delusionaires - snakebite (flooze party)
toni ok - Verano Playa (golden guitar mood)
the crossfires - Polynesian Limbo (limbo rock)
dr tritón - detective de bikinis (surfing contest)

par avion - tahiti summer (nashville surfline)
surf zombies - 50cc (something weird)
bambi molesters - the kiss off (as the dark wave swells)
the 'verb - Caveat Auditor (only 'verb can break your heart)
the tomorrowmen - tempus fugitive (futourism)

the phantom four - sonido amazonico (morgana)
The Beyonders - santa claus (the beyonders christmas album)
tito y sus supersonicos - he never wants to see you once again (popular vol 9)
Les Tigres du Futur - l'energie cosmique du sexe (collection illusion sonores vol. 2)

pirato ketchup - winged ants flight (split 10")
The Boogienauts - The Wading game (boogienauts)
the isotopes - Unnatural Selection (overstay their welcome)
megatronadores - volcanica (wedwedn)
os brutus - nabila (übersurf)
del-toros - silverdust '78 (surfvival of the rockest)
rat rod sickoli and the uranian slave labor union - the bastards have landed (the uranian slave labor union demo)
mad3 - napalm in the morning (napalm in the morning)
bande de los apaches - slam fire shotgun (bande de los apaches)
estrume'n'tal - gin com bells (surfme'n'tal)
aqualads and friends - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (an oso grande christmas)

Post date: 12/19/2016 - 14:25

I've done Christmas shows in the past and I wanted to die by the end of it. So today's show has a light, tolerable dollop of Christmas surf mixed with a few new releases and a lil' bit of whatever-the-hell

Here's last week's: 12/12/16

diabolico coupe - Saturday Night (little carmine)
burt rocket - boss board (fiberglass frenzy)
krontjong devils - reverberovska (on tour!!!)
pounded by the surf - aloha chino hills (no waves)
tremolo beer gut - plutonium (under the influence of)

the nocturnes - Riptide (board boogie)
Davie Allen & The Arrows - tee pee (apache '65)
the pharos - pintor (Pulp Surfin')
the devrons - brand x (45)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - surfin' drums (surfers' choice)

the defiants - surfer's twist (45)
stories from shamehill - Beach blanket bingo (live) (made in amsterdam (live))
dr tritón - el choque (surfing contest)
los guapos - chickenhawk in b minor (parts 1 and 2) (sin tremor)
hodaddys - vaporizer (hot rods n' surf)

grand kahuna - Crossfire (grand kahuna ii)
el gran miercoles - Johnson City (this is surf-steady)
the vibrants - vibrant (the exotic guitar sounds of)
The Sandblasters - toothless cannibal (cactus stingray)
los shains - Algo Divertido y Loco!!! (docena 3)

the madeira - Ancient Winds (ancient winds)
the barbwires - at the skyline drive-in (...sounds like trouble)
the ampFibians - adios, tuco (enigma of the deep)
les agamemnonz - brulure indienne (au revoir)

van shipley - diwana hua badal (wondrous melodies)
big lazy - Human Sacrifice (don't cross myrtle)
tito y sus supersonicos - solo un rumor - cuarteto de nos (popular vol 8)
holy mountain top removers - Monsieur espionnage (the ones disappearing you)

bande de los apaches - danger cologne (bande de los apaches)
the isotopes - odd particle (overstay their welcome)
the st kilda gammarays - honda girl (girl on a motorcycle)
The Grave diggers - los campiones del justicio (the grave diggers ep)
threesome - glise 581 (adriatica)
the mono men - Boss (stop draggin' me down)
swami john reis & the blind shake - sets of fire (modern surf classics)
king ghidora - curse of poseidon (curse of poseidon)
rat rod sickoli and the uranian slave labor union - uranian voodoo tiki gods from outer space (the uranian slave labor union demo)

Post date: 12/12/2016 - 14:15

Man, the weather is spectacular here in New Orleans, I can't wait to do this show. I've got new stuff from Dr. Triton, Los Guapos, Stories from Shamehill and Rat-Rod Sickoli and looking through all the 2016 stuff lead me to want to play some 2015 stuff. I think y'all are gonna like this one.

Here's last week


dead rocks - fingerboard (surf explosao)
royal fingers - wild datsun (wild eleki deluxe)
the cavernarios - camino a varadero (camino a varadero)
the krontjong devils - mustang (action!)
aloha sluts - surferama (live at hotrodded bullfrog)
mike barbwires & the blue ocean six - The Surge (camel rock b/w the surge)

the torquays - The Other Side (surf-age nuggets)
the millionaires - rock and a half (surf guitars rumble)
the challengers - rampage (lloyd thaxton goes surfing with the challengers)
The Les Reed Combo - surf rider (45)
jimmy & stan - tahiti (45)
the fabulous wailers - shiver (at the castle)

The Terrorsurfs - dust off my boots pt 2 (Zomboid Surf Attack)
kingargoolas - ampolis cacildis (kingargoolas)
the mystery men - cassandra complex (sonos delirium)
Matt Heaton and the Electric Heaters - smart alec kill (Electric Heaters)
earl and the losers - white dust (fuzz overdrive)

trabants - highwire surfing (an evening with...)
chuck higgins - water wheel (weird and wonderful instrumentals from downey records)
the mutants - cruzerio affairs (mutacalypso now!)
steelism - the spook (615 to fame)

the space rangers - mr lou (ready to take off!)
los belking's - bolido de fuego (el sonido de los belking's)
spies who surf - calling all martians (calling all martians)
the space agency - surfer's guitar (galactic guitars)
the impacs - black lace (Impact!)

phantom frank - cobra's fang (phantom frank)
bikini machine - jungle surf (let's party with bikini machine vol. 2)
seawhores - Fembot (galaxified)
Secret Chiefs 3 - the new daylight (UR: Telstar / The New Daylight)

the isotopes - professional driver on a closed course (do not attempt) (overstay their welcome)
gangrena surf - poseido por el surf (quemar - hundirse - profanar -refractar)
howling guitar - god speed (howling guitar)
otto mann - pool mobile (coolest ranch)
banda de los apaches - shootfest (banda de los apaches)
estrume'n'tal - chapeuzim (neandern'n'tal)
the woggles - flash flood (tempo tantrum)
Retrofoguetes - ativar retrofoguetes (ativar retrofoguetes)
bang! mustang! - opium den (the big twang theory)
os brutus - the sting of the reverb (übersurf)
The derangers - the impaler (legend of daphne blue)

Post date: 12/05/2016 - 14:11

Not so much new this week, but plenty of good, upbeat, loud stuff. You know, like every week.

Last week's playlist: 11/28/16

the daytonas - Surf Reveille (parabolica)
seawhorse - Bang Bang Theory (galaxified)
marshall and the martins - Maxwin (bundamba)
aloha sluts - surferama (Missing Link)
tsunamish - We're Only Gonna Die (hiroshima)

The Les Reed Combo - Spanish Armada (45)
The Buddies - skateboard u.s.a. (go go with)
the impacs - Voodoo USA (Impact)
The Spacewalkers - Gemini, Go Baby Go (45)
The Vi-Tones - Kamikaze (45)
Richie Allen - Cave Man (Stranger from Durango)
the hustlers - Wailin' Out (It Came From the Beach!)

the halibuts - Halibut Stomp (halibut beach)
the shockwave - Death Race (death race!)
the astroglides - High Tide (channel surfing with)
los wet guitars - la costera (keep surfin')
the funcrushers - Bird (the funcrushers)
mofos - crack part 2 (six pack performance)

the tremolo beer gut - The Old Back Hand (Nous Sommes The Tremolo Beer Gut, Qui le fuck etes-vous?)
the bomboras - The 7th Veil (savage island!)
los twang! marvels - surf dilemma (jungle of twang!)
the cavernarios - Coctel Manhattan (camino a varadero)
the exotics - Villa Nova (go go guitars)

Matt Heaton and the Electric Heaters - Mystic River Pipeline (Electric Heaters)
dinosaur ghost - sand level (dinosaur ghost)
impala - wild night at the bloody bucket (el rancho reverbo)
flat duo jets - Rockin' Mode (Lucky Eye)
the surf raiders - Point Conception (Raiders of the lost Surf)

Secret Chiefs 3 - Telstar (UR: Telstar / The New Daylight)
gasolines - catamarã (jungle surfers)
the chantays - Retaliation (Two Sides of the Chantays)
USSSY - Orlen (Afghan Music House Party)
chicha libre - once tejones (canibalismo)

The Terrorsurfs - King Twang (Zomboid Surf Attack)
the intoxicators - Sake Shaker (Easter Eggs on Halloween)
evan foster - glass packed & fully stacked (instrumentals)
man... or astroman? - invasion of the dragonmen (intravenous television continuum)
the out of limits - Can 'O Worms (the "rough masters" demo EP)
millionaire beach bums - Mr. Moto (shorebreak)
the one night standards - lethal plus (octane)
banda de los apaches - dog fight (banda de los apaches)
otto mann - surfboard hell (surfboard hell)
Leviathan - somnambul (resurrection)
switch trout - playing (thrill with maximum)

Post date: 11/28/2016 - 14:21

Back to business but plenty of new stuff! Got some Secret Chiefs 3, Matt Heaton & the Electric Heaters, Bande de los Apaches, Otto Mann, Terrorsurfs and more!

Last week was Spaghetti Week. Here's what I played


riz ortolani - day of anger (day of anger)
brent j cooper - sixty seconds to what? (for a few guitars more)
los plantronics - hang em high (columbian necktie)
the five outsiders - el hobo (on the run)
barbacoa - western medicine (italian medallion)

the james boys - stampede (45)
the chiefs - how (45)
lonnie degan - Navajo (45)
the texans - green grass of texas (45)
The Mohawks - Moccasin Walk (45)
The Hollywood Soundmakers - The Vice of Killing (great music from a fistful of dollars, for a few dollars more, the good, the bad, and the ugly)

the coffin daggers - Uprising (aggravatin' rhythms)
los daytonas - La Mano Del Muerto (en el salvaje oeste)
the vice barons - durango vice trap (friends in low places)
brazil 2001 - Cactus (spaghetti vol. 1: duck you suckers)
rondo hatton - paso de casabel (rondo hatton)

bonney and buzz - Bandito (rock-ola)
gasolines - winchester (tanger hotel)
el capitan and the band with no name - high noon (death of a tiki)
the surfaders - prequel/a greater silence (a greater silence)

The biarritz boys - El Paso (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
Robotmonkeyarm - il brutto (robotmonkeyarm (part one... robot senza nome!))
los banditos - Django (beatclub)
amphibian man - train robbery (desert songs)
los tiros - el apocalipsis viene a caballo (expertos en cagarla)

travelers of tyme - westworld 2056 (travelers of tyme)
twin tones - la escopeta del diablo (capello di mariachi)
the anacondas - Tucson (snakin' all over)
ennio morricone - l'amas sauvage (mon nom est personne)

blackball bandits - a fistful of gold in the west (confrontation on the extraterrestrial highway)
the hellbenders - sabata (today we kill... tomorrow we die)
Said the Ripper - Ecstasy of Gold (The Hanging At Barbed Wire)
the moe greene specials - the el monte case (the moe greene specials)
the crazy aces - Trail of the Mystery Men (Garageland)
bill elm and woody jackson - el club de los cuerpos (red dead redemption OST)
navajo joe - to esperanza (navajo joe)
francisco de maci - find a man (quella sporca nel west)

Post date: 11/21/2016 - 14:20
today's plays

A yearly tradition: since there isn't a whole lot of Pilgrims and Indians surf, I'm switching to cowboys and indians. That means a whole show fulla spaghetti western music. Yes!


the volcanics - high altitude (the lonely one)
millionaire beach bums - Searchlight (shorebreak)
Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club - Sababa One (love police)
the surf raiders - surf bound (surf bound)
the kaygles - del taco (sunstroke)

the ventures - walk don't run 64 (walk don't run 64)
les splectors - hong-kong express (45)
the originals surfaris - Down Under (bombora!)
the crossfires - limbo stick limbo (limbo rock)
Sandy Nelson - Teen Beat '65 (Teen Beat '65)
The Connells - Malibu Surf (Surf Fever!)

the a-bones - The Bee (the life of riley)
The Monarcs - Sour Grapes (45)
The Spacewalkers - Tecumseh (45)
the mummies - the thing from venus (never been caught)
Bailey's Nervous Kats - Devil's Run (Fast-Track)

the space cossacks - neutron sabre (live supernova)
the okay-men - patte (auf kassette)
surf zombies - never kill an ape (lust for rust)
wild sammy & the royaltones - l.a. (speed crazy)
amphibian man - Gold Rush (desert songs)

the cavernarios - soy de la costa (camino a varadero)
los galerna - jaguar stomp (sangre en el atlantico)
tito y sus supersonicos - Himno de los conductores imprudentes (popular vol 7)
telekrimen - solar mediterraneo (resurrecion de los sangre-zombis del mas alla)
the mutants - el ray (mutacalypso now!)

kachers in the rye - egyptian navel exploration (45)
travelers of tyme - space stalinists (chronomads)
the chantays - Space Probe (Two Sides of the Chantays)
les jaguars - le repos du jaguar (les jaguars)

seawhorse - galaxified (galaxified)
the beyonderers - estimate of the situation (Estimate of the Situation)
the apemen - toronado (7 inches of love)
el ray - el raynia (uber alles) (the evil mermaid)
vampire beach babes - droppin' da curl (beach blanket bedlam)
the leviathan - håxxan (resurrection)
the last drive - misirlou (underworld shakedown)
the irradiates - caulerpa taxifiolia (revenge of the plants)
DEMON VENDETTA - real surfers wear black (vigilante surf)
howling guitar - hell-billy (motor noise)
freddy and the heartaches - womp womp (strummin mental vol 1)
the surfites - jack-the-bear (big pounder)


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