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Tito y sus Supersonicos - Popular vol 1-4

The Supersonicos have a project going: every month they release two EPs full of covers of Uruguayan music until they get to 10 EPs.

Now right off the bat, I know nothing of the music of Uruguay, so all of these songs are fresh to me and essentially their own. But I think that would be the case even if I did know these songs. They've got a great sound on these that seamlessly wanders between surf, flamenco, spaghetti western, and something all of their own. And maybe some more traditional Uruguayan sounds, I wouldn't know. Closest touchstones I can think of: The Good The Bad but more...Read more

From: 08/24/2016 - 08:02

The Intoxicators - Eeaster Eggs on Halloween

There's not a whole lot of surf happening on the Florida panhandle (musically or otherwise) but The Intoxicators are a fine representative. Easter Eggs on Halloween has plenty of variety, certainly not locked to a tempo or mood, but it never drags, always seems ready to go. And when it's going, they can really rip. This album is front-loaded with the heavy songs: "Frozen Cossacks", "Sake Shaker" and "Easter Eggs on Halloween" are as savage as The Intoxicators have ever been, and the production quality is perfect-- the bass adding a bit more roar to the lead Wray-like guitar tone. In...Read more

From: 08/23/2016 - 07:39

today's plays

More new stuff and more of some of last week's new stuff. Of the brand new stuff we've got some Surfer Joe from his recent split LP, The Wrecks House, Tito y sus Supersonicos, and new-to-the-show Phatlynx. Show is feeling PACKED!

Last week's: 8/15/16

the original surfaris - surfari (bombora!)
the Flying Faders - No Sweat (No sweat)
the pyramids - penetration (penetration)
The Cave 4 - Malibu Run (Bikini Crash)
the hang-ten hangmen - destination saturn (destination saturn)

randy holden - mar gaya (randy holden early works '64-'66)
...Read more

From: 08/22/2016 - 14:15
Tags: playlist

The Kilaueas and Surfer Joe -  Play the Astronauts and More

Here's a fun project. This is a split LP between Surfer Joe and the Kilaueas, each taking a side on the vinyl version. Most of the tracks on here are covers of The Astronauts, and in a pretty faithful manner (no psychedelic Baja). The few originals are in the style of the Astronauts. For Surfer Joe, that means some deep-ass reverb -- that's the stuff! For the Kilaueas they added another guitarist to mimic the Astronauts' 3-guitar setup.

...Read more

From: 08/18/2016 - 07:32

Introducing the Exotic Sounds of Tikiyaki 5-0

Tikiyaki 5-0 are a smaller, more portable and guitar-focused version of The Tikiyaki Orchestra. While Tikiyaki Orchestra had no problem finding fans in the surf crowd, this is more surf than exotica, even when they're covering Arthur Lyman's "Taboo", which manages to finish with a rousing crescendo -- definitely a favorite on this EP. That said, "Song of Delilah" and Les Baxter's "Enchanted Sea" keep a bit more of an exotica mood. For the surf nuts, there's a cover of Zorba and the Greeks' "Shockwave" and a killer original "Supernova" that is 100% pedal-to-the-metal surf. The other...Read more

From: 08/17/2016 - 07:46


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