Playlist! 10-14-19

Slacktone - South Run (Into the Blue Sparkle)
Frankie and the Poolboys - Cat Fight (Cap'n Coconuts)
the Flying Faders - Bone Shovel (Tectonic Shifts)
Surfisticio - Madrugada (Hay tabla)

The Daringers - Morgus Creep (45)
The New Dimensions - Failsafe (Surf'n Bongos)
The Super Stocks - Gridiron Goodie (Toes on the Nose)
The Nauticals - Rockin' Chopin (45)
jim messina & the jesters - chihuahua (self-released)
The Titans - Stick Shift (Today's Teen Beat)
The Dave Clark Five - Five by Five (45)

Durango14 - Nube Roja (Gigante Panamericana)
The Eyeberries - Slow black crime (don't blink)
beware of blast - bone shaker boogie (bone shaker boogie)
sheverb - putamulletonit (putamulletonit)
the volcanics - The ghost of ichabod crane (gruesome twosome)

The Honeybrains - Meek the Tarantula (Freaked and Sentimental)
one drink and other lies - tar snakes (The decline of spaghetti western civilization)
Les Venturas - Phantomime (Retropedalage)
The Supertones - Unknown (Unknown and Other Space Hits)

Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Obake Train (Happy Halloween)
doctor a-go-go - bucktooth satan (hot girlie action)
Johnny and the Shamen - Smoke! (Operation Twang!)
The halibuts - centipede (Hangin' fourteen)

Geylang Electric Phin Band - Hek Sib Gau (hek Sib Gau b/w cowgirl)
gautam dasgupta - duniya mane bura to goli maro (from 'arjun' 1986) (Bollywood Steel Guitar)
volcano kings - Dirk Maynard "Comet Rider" Vs. The Atomic Zomb-Bots. (An Exotic Monster Beach Party In Outer Space Vol.2 (in progress))

DREBIN - Spacechip64 (Y2K19)
Die Krabben - Vampire Surf (welcome to surf trash island)
The Cavaleros - Logan's Stomp (Atomic! the Album)
The Dead rocks - Center of the Universe (Live Crash Wild Punk)
evan foster - glass packed & fully stacked (instrumentals)
mariachi death squad - pacific heist (you've been hit by...)
man? or astroman - Super Rocket Rumble (Deluxe Men in Space)
The Sea Lions - Here Comes the Sea Lions (7")
operation: diamond bikini - old agent's widow (hello)
Galactic Coffin - Target Earth (Surf the Skulls or Die)
demon vendetta - so nice (Danse du Vice)


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