Insect Surfers release Datura Moon

Insect Surfers - Datura Moon

Insect Surfers have been around since 1979 and somehow still manage to sound progressive while true to their sound. Datura Moon has that signature out-in-the-open guitar sound and a tendency for what seems like a semi-straightforward surf riff to drift away into a psychedelic whirlwind.

"Liftoff" at first sounds like it's going to be an easy one, gliding around lightly, but before you know it you're in the midst of a maelstrom with some creative guitarwork that frankly I lack the musician's vocabulary to describe. The second half of the album actually does take it easy, though not lazy, much more straightforward summer tunes in the unique Insect Surfers way. That leads into the closing title track: a slow, doomy psychdelic sendoff.

Overall this is a pretty easy recommend for fans of Insect Surfers. With only a few listens I choose "Iceberg Lantern" as my favorite, but there's certainly more for me to digest here.

Two side notes: a Datura is a type of flower. The one on the cover actually! It's pronounced Duh-TOUR-uh. Also, Insect Surfers somehow don't have a Wikipedia page.

This one's a digital download and . Their last album, Infragreen, was eventually pressed to vinyl, but I haven't seen any mention of that just yet.


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