CHALLENGE: The Surf Spangled Banner

American Flag Surfboards

Surf bands, I have a request.

I have had several patriotic holidays land on the same day as my show, and I've had had pretty much NOTHING to play on those occasions*. This is pretty disappointing for a genre that was born and thrived in Southern California. Surf is as American as root beer (Root Beer is very American, FYI), and nobody's made a version of our national anthem? We have to fix this.

How to submit

Either post a link in the comments or send it

Here's what you win: 

  • A Spotlight on the homepage of this website
  • Spins of this song on air whenever the occasion is appropriate.
  • Glory. Glory for America (remember, this is a noncommercial radio show, I have no money to offer you...)

Here are the conditions

  • In the perhaps too optimistic occasion that I get multiple attempts, I will make a personal selection AND have a public vote for the people's choice. THIS IS A DEMOCRACY AFTER ALL!
  • You don't have to be American. It would be kinda fun if you weren't.
  • No words. Duh.
  • Ideally this is a surf interpretation, not a literal note for note version on guitar. I want a beat, and I don't want Hendrix (not that his version isn't any good or anything).
  • Should be better than this version. If nothing motivates you, remind yourself that this is the best option I have right now.

IF we have a good Star Spangled Banner, I wouldn't mind America the Beautiful either.

*I do have this song at my disposal. And I love it.


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