Amphibian Man - Shapes (Side A)

Amphibian Man - Shapes (Side A)

3 releases in less than a year, perhaps Amphibian Man is getting back to his previous furious pace. Though went back to slapping some reverb on that guitar, these 7 songs are about as dry and punk-sounding as they've ever been, to the point where I'd consider this instro-punk instead of instro-surf.

But for fans of Amphibian Man, the same DNA is within, and I'd even venture to say that this shreds a bit more than the similar sounding .

"The Chase" is a furious mini-song with a riff that recalls their song "Racer". "Mountain" is a slower number that takes advantage of that speed with a heavy finale. But it's "Dream (Part 2)" that really ends up being a guitar workout, flying through different moods in its 5 minute running time.

If you're an Amphibian Man fan, this probably isn't challenging material for you, and you're probably already onboard. If you're new, there's a lot of jumping off points, but if you're at least drawn to the intensity of the sound, I urge you to take a dive through the back catalog of one of the more standout surf acts in recent years.


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