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Davie Allan and 3 Balls of Fire are playing the Ponderosa Stomp afterparty - listen to an interview on Monday's show

Davie Allan and 3 Balls of Fire are playing the Ponderosa Stomp afterparty - listen to an interview on Monday's show

Dr. Ike's bi-annual Rock & Roll record collectors' concert extravaganza is back this weekend, a BIG event for us music nerds down here. Though for the most part the lineup is pretty light on surf (Los Straitjackets are backing up Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon), the Sunday night afterparty features none other than Davie Allan and the Arrows, King of the Fuzz Guitar! Hopefully regular listeners are pretty familiar with him, but if you're not he's responsible for the soundtracks to a lot of biker movies.


Ghost Coast is a brand new New Orleans surf band!

Ghost Coast - demo

At this point I've been doing this radio show in New Orleans for about 5 years, and in that time very few listeners have come to the obvious conclusion that they should start a surf band. So I was overcharged with excitement when I was shown a youtube video from a frequent listener of their new band Ghost Coast. A few days later, there's even a demo up on bandcamp!


Anybody got a question for Dick Dale?

Dick Dale

The King of the Surf Guitar is heading to New Orleans on April 12th (Sunday). Thanks to WTUL's ticket coordinator being pretty great at what he does, I've got a phone interview with him for the second half of tomorrow's show. This isn't the first interview I've done with him (trying to find the old one) and based on the last one chances are he'll run the show on his own, but I'm open to any suggestions for prompts. I have a few ideas of my own but I also used a bunch of them the first time around.

Of course, I'll edit it down for internet consumption afterwards.


Looking for Surf/Instro groups to play in New Orleans for WTUL/SSOR fundraiser

EDIT! I'm rescheduling this. Stay tuned.

Storm Surge of Reverb makes its way to your earholes thanks to WTUL 91.5 fm in New Orleans Louisiana. 2 Years ago we put on a killer fundraiser show for WTUL featuring Kill, Baby... Kill! and the Unnaturals and it was a complete success, packing the bar to the gills and making a decent chunk of change for the station. You see, here in New Orleans there's not an awful lot of surf groups and definitely not much of a surf scene. But I have a lot of listeners! If I want to do a Storm Surge of Reverb special, they'll come out!


New Orleans! There's some surf to see this week!

Guantanamo Baywatch Thursday at Siberia

Surf nuts don't usually have a lot of options in New Orleans (though you do have local options The Unnaturals, The Bills, Bruiser Broussard, Blood Urchin and Rondo Hatton in Baton Rouge) but this week we've got two visiting. Two sorta surf bands. I figure it's enough to make a post about.


New Orleanians! Help WTUL out in the Gambit Readers Poll!

The Gambit is running their yearly readers poll. I can't remember the last time WTUL has even appeared in this. Usually the winners for the bands are Cowboy Mouth and Better Than Ezra. Basically results are usually very disappointing.

There is a radio show host field. I *really* don't think that's happening, so I'm not really asking for that. I'm just asking for WTUL as your favorite radio station.

You need to fill out a lot more answers than that (which is why people out of town need not worry about this)


Where to buy surf rock in New Orleans and on the internet

In New Orleans

New Orleans is not a place where surf the surf craze really took off. Finding material for this show isn't totally done online, but rather trawling through any pile of records I can find hoping for instrumentals. If you're hoping to dig in, I can make it easier for you. Keep in mind that this is *just* for surf instrumentals. If I were to list great record stores I would have a few more and in a different order.


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